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RESOLVED 5/2/24: Android: Adding Variety on station details page leads to blank screen

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Same answer I'm gettin from the Pandora team that dont work it started goin Grey yesterday and no longer works messes up the whole Pandora experience lame and very disappointing..I've reached out but how they answer it won't get fixed on my end so paying more to get less is what they want me to do

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When I tap the add variety button, I just get s blank screen.

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Another with the same issue just a blank screen on add variety.   Samsung S24 Ultra. Any updates or progress on this issue? 

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I've been trying to add variety different artists to a different artist station to have more artists playing on the one playlist but it just has been coming up blank


I'm having the same issue when trying to add variety to custom stations as well on the android app. 


Samsung Galaxy Note 10 +

Android Version 12

Pandora Version: 2403.1

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Is there a solution for this problem yet? All I get is a Grey screen when trying to add a new band to "variety". 

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I'm having the exact same issue. None of the usual fixes work.  I submitted a support request 5 days ago.  Tried deleting and reinstalling the app just now, still broken. I don't know what else to do to get their attention.  I'm a software developer by profession so I know what's involved in fixing a "major loss of functionality with no workaround" bug.  This level of inaction for a paid app is unacceptable. 

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Community Manager

Hi there, @Bca @SheepDog49 @Lamigra806 @Ardent_Fae @JeffAlan2279 @Wildwolf91. 👋

Thank you for raising the alarm on this issue. The most recent update from 04.12.24 can be found in the accepted solution. Any new updates will be posted there.*

In the meantime, I've reported your feedback to our tech team. Thank you for your patience during this process.

*Please note: Some messages are marked "Accepted as a Solution" to flag the current steps and/or status of the thread. This post will be updated with more information as it is provided to the moderation team.

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When I started Pandora one day I was playing a station and loved an artist. When I went to add an artist to the station. The screen to pick was completely blank all one color. So I tried other stations same thing. Then I uninstalled and reinstalled and yet still does it. Frustrates me cause I love huge stations. 

Does anyone here know anything please!

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Make: Galaxy S9+

Model: SM-G965U

Android os: 10

Pandora version: 2403.1

No error message or crashes just the blank, dark grey screen after clicking "+add variety" regardless if in light or dark mode. Log out, log in; uninstall, reinstall; clear cache have not fixed the issue that, for me, began 4(?) days ago.

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I can't add variety to my music. I go to add variety and it goes grey. 


 this is what the screen does.

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Ditto same problem, at about the same time.

Samsung Galaxy Ultra 23

Android OS 14

Pandora Version 2403.1

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When I go to add verity the screen is blank 

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same issue!  Android phone

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I get a Black screen when i try to add variety

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Having the same issue as well.

Samsung S20 FE AT&T

Android version: 13

Pandora version: 2403.1 (Android Tuner 24031003)

Community Manager
Community Manager

@parkcityrock I moved your post into this existing thread: Android: Adding Variety on station details page leads to blank screen

Your information has been added to the ticket we have open with the engineers who are investigating this.

Check out the accepted solution to this thread for any updates we provide.

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Same problem. Frustrating for a paid service. 

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I have used pandora for years and have always been able to add variety to my stations. The tab for add variety is still there but when I click on it, no matter which station, it takes me to a blank Grey screen with no ability to do anything but back out. Please let me know how to solve this?

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Geez Pandora folks, don't you think you should fix the problem by now?


It has now been 12 days since this issue began, 8 days since the last update. How long is appropriate to wait for at least another update or an ACTUAL solution to this issue? It's like ever since Sirius XM acquired pandora, Pandora services have plummeted in quality, are riddled with bugs, and seem to have been put on the back burner... Stating that we pay for this service and some of us have been dedicated paid users for over 10 years, like me and my family, I believe we deserve better customer service than this.