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Shuffle Option Missing



I have plus, I watched a commercial to get on premium mode and can't switch back to plus mode. Shuffle mode is not on premium mode. It switch back randomly. Still don't know how to switch between plus and premium. this is on mobile app..

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, @BrianS. 👋

We've updated your experience so that you have the ability to listen to content on-demand, without being a Pandora Premium subscriber.

Complimentary Sessions of Premium:

  • If you search for and select the name of an artist, or track, or album, you should be brought to a "backstage page" where you can either create a radio station or press play.
  • If you press play you indicate that you'd like to listen to that content right away (or "on-demand"). Since only Pandora Premium subscribers can listen on-demand, you will either see an ad for Pandora Premium, or be prompted to watch a video ad to unlock a complimentary session of Pandora Premium.
  • Keep in mind that upgrading to Pandora Premium or accepting a complimentary session of Pandora Premium is completely optional; you can close the ad and we'll create a station for you to listen to instead (if one is available).
  • Should you decide to accept a complimentary session of Pandora Premium, rest assured that you won't be billed; because the additional cost of these sessions is covered by the advertisement, your account will return to your regular service automatically when the session expires, and you won't be charged any Pandora Premium fees.

You can also find out more about how Pandora Premium sessions work in this helpful article.


Trouble with Shuffle:

Could you try refreshing the app by exiting and then, relaunching it? 

If you still have issues with the shuffle, please try out these steps.

Let me know how it goes! 🎧

Alyssa | Community Manager
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Diamond in the Rough

A couple years back--right around christmas time--I had the same problem. I had to call(?)/email pandora to get switched back to plus. But I can tell you that I wanted that to happen as quickly as possible. The premium had none of features I want and tons that I actively do not.

Instead of making two models that are clearly built on drastically different platforms... (which is fine, so long as they work)... Why not build a completely new pandora with "Plug-in" options that the user can choose? Each feature they select could be an upcharge from the base rate.

As it stands, pandora is trying to retrofit two very different builds... Likely using a development team who never worked on the original builds. Leave the existing builds alone--after removing any features that started wreaking havoc on the system. Then start from scratch with a more modular system that the user can tailor to their likes and budget.

Me? I'd make sure there was *user-selected* shuffle mode, alarm clock and information about each song/artist. Just about every other feature is completely useless to me. And I'd want my stations listed alphabetically at all times (even in shuffle mode)... Because otherwise, it's impossible to find the station you're looking at add to the shuffle.

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