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Android: Unable to connect Pandora in various vehicles after 2208.1


Pandora Update: 10/6/22

I'd like to again thank everyone for posting their trouble with connecting Android devices to Pandora in the car. We understand how frustrating this experience can be and wanted you to know that we're working hard to resolve this issue.

If you're new to this thread and experience an issue connecting to Pandora with your Android, feel free to post. Your information will be passed along to our engineering ticket.

Updates will continue to be posted in this thread as they are given to the Community Team.

In the meantime, these steps may help to connect to your vehicle:

  • First, make sure your phone is not connected to your vehicle via Bluetooth.
  • Then, launch Pandora on your phone before starting you car.
  • Once Pandora is playing, then connect to your vehicle via Bluetooth.

Thank you all for your continued patience.

Use your mobile device only when conditions allow and as permitted by applicable law.

Pandora Update: 9/20/22

Hi everyone! Thanks for posting your experience to community.

Since many of you are having trouble on various Android phones and in different vehicles I've gone ahead and merged all related posts into one thread to help stay organized with updates and information.

If you're new to this thread, please note that this is for Android users who are unable to connect to Pandora in their vehicle or in-vehicle device with version 2208.1 or later.

An internal ticket has been created and our engineering teams are investigating. Updates will be made in this thread as they are made available to us.

We appreciate your continued patience while we look into this.

Use your mobile device only when conditions allow and as permitted by applicable law.

Tanner | Community Moderator

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Phone: Samsung s22

Android v: 13

Pandora: 2307.1?

Radio: Kenwood DDX276BT

Connection: Bluetooth 

Phone is paired with radio and will play music (even Pandora) through the BT Audio app. When I use the Pandora app on the radio, it just stays on "Connecting..."

I have also turned on the "launch from car" with no change. 

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Local Performer

To everyone having this issue, you need to roll back to an older version of Pandora. I uninstalled, and installed version 2205.1 and it works like it always used to. 



I tried updating recently to see if this has been fixed, but it still won't work in the native Pandora app on my 2014 Corvette. Immediately uninstalled and rolled back to 2205.1 and it works great, same as ever!


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That worked!! Thank you

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Still doesn't work on the 2020 Ford F250 Sync 3.  I have to unlock the phone, begin Pandora and then Sync 3 will find the mobile app.  Sync 3 will not find the mobile app unless the phone is unlocked and playing pandora.


Meanwhile, the 2019 Subaru Ascent has no issue finding and playing Pandora.  I do not have to fiddle with the phone in the Subaru but it's a hassle with Ford.  

Ford says that it's a Pandora issue, but can't see that since Subaru has it figured out.  IS there something Pandora can do?

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Is Pandora doing anything to correct this?

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Is this issue abandoned by Pandora? The official update is more than a year old now.

We cannot use an outdated version of the app forever.

The issue is in order to use a later version after 2208.1 you have to
upgrade to Android 12. I did this and it resolved my issue.
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I have Android 13 and latest versions of Pandora still does not work with my car. I use 2205.1.1 to maintain app functionality on the road.

However using an outdated apk was just a band-aid solution and more than a year later we need a permanent fix so that we can enjoy the latest app releases on our mobile devices once again.

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Local Performer

Their Fix is to not use the pandora app. or to use bluetooth or to use an apple product... 

they have no intention of fixing