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Any notification when your post is answered?

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I posted a question I don't know how to check the response nor did you guys respond to an email or send me anything to let me know an answer to my question?

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Hi @Jay_Moonrock thanks for posting to community.

When you post a message on community you'll receive a notification either when someone posts on the same thread or if someone has tagged you in a message, much like I did just now. If you've opted out of email notifications, you will need log into your community account to check for any responses.

Notifications can be found in the top right corner, the icon that looks like a bell. Any responses or tags will show with a numerical number posted over the bell icon. 

For our User Support team, I do see that they responded to your email on 5/14/2020. If you're not seeing their response, please be sure to check junk or spam folders, their email may have ended up in there. 

Both on your community page and user support team, we do our best to respond as soon as possible, but occasionally delays can occur. 

Thanks for your understanding and thanks for being part of community.  




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  1. Revisit the Platform: To check for responses to your question, return to the platform where you initially posted it.

  2. Login to Your Account: Ensure you're logged into your account on the platform to view any replies or updates.

  3. Look for Notifications: Some platforms send notifications when you receive a response, so keep an eye out for any notifications.

  4. Check Your Email: Review your email inbox, including spam or junk folders, for any communication regarding your query. Sometimes responses are sent via email.

  5. Reach Out to Support: If you haven't received a response, consider contacting the platform's support team directly for assistance. Provide details about your question and where and when you posted it.

  6. Verify Email Settings: Confirm that your email settings allow for notifications from the platform. Adjust settings if necessary to ensure you receive notifications.

  7. Be Patient: Sometimes responses may take time, depending on the platform's policies and user activity.

  8. Follow-Up: If you still haven't received a response after some time, consider following up with a polite inquiry.

  9. Consider Alternative Contact Methods: Some platforms may offer alternative contact methods such as chat support or community forums where you can seek assistance.

  10. Stay Informed: Keep yourself informed about the platform's features and settings to maximize your user experience of nyt.

  11. Utilize Help Resources: Many platforms provide help resources, FAQs, or guides that may offer assistance in finding responses to your queries.

  12. Remain Persistent: Persistence is key. Don't hesitate to continue seeking assistance until you receive a satisfactory response.

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