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Enhancing Music Discovery for Black Metal, Death Metal, and Latin Indie Fans on Pandora

Local Performer
  1. Crowd-Powered Tunes: I'm stoked about the possibility of introducing tune features to bring us. This feature, already present in other stations ( i.e deep cuts, new releases, discovery), could unite us over the intense riffs and vocals that we're so passionate about in these genres.

  2. Tailored 24/7 Stations: Just like Apple Music's discovery station, envision a 24/7 Pandora station that evolves based on our diverse preferences. Imagine a musical journey as unique as our taste.


I'm looking for Pandora to add the features of deep cuts, discovery, and newly released tracks available for stations like Black Metal, Death Metal, Latin Indie, and Big Band. Additionally, I'd absolutely love to experience something similar to Apple Music's Discovery station, now that they've introduced it to their music service, right here on Pandora Radio. I genuinely believe that this would be an incredible addition to the platform!

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Hi @iStore!

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Thanks for posting, looks like you have some great feedback. I've merged your posts together within the Community Chat to help keep things a organized.

The best place to post about feedback is on our Community Ideas board. The Ideas board is a place where community members can share what they would like to see on Pandora. It's a place
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