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Exploring the Role of Streaming Platforms in the Evolving Music Industry

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello, Pandora community! :pandora:

As music lovers, we all know that the music industry has undergone significant changes over the past few years. From the rise of streaming platforms to the impact of social media on artist discovery and promotion, the way we consume and experience music has fundamentally shifted.

As one of the leading streaming platforms, Pandora has played a significant role in this transformation. But with so many changes taking place, it's important to take a step back and consider the impact that streaming platforms are having on the industry as a whole.

So, let's have a discussion: what do you think is the role of streaming platforms in the evolving music industry? How do you think Pandora is adapting to these changes, and what do you think the future holds for music streaming as a whole?

Here are a few questions to get the conversation started:

  • Do you think streaming platforms have helped or hurt the music industry? Why?
  • How has Pandora changed the way you discover and listen to music?
  • What do you think the future holds for music streaming? Will it continue to grow, or will it plateau?
  • How can streaming platforms like Pandora help support emerging artists and promote diversity in the industry?

As a community of music fans and Pandora users, your thoughts and opinions are incredibly valuable. Let's come together to explore these topics and gain a deeper understanding of the role that streaming platforms like Pandora play in the evolving music industry.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Erick | Sr. Manager of Social & Communities

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Opening Act

This is a really great topic, thank you so much for giving us as the consumer base in the streaming industry a voice. 

My opinions may be unpopular ones to some & are based solely on my own perception.

Personally do I love music streaming platforms? YES, I currently sub to 4 and I use them all. However, I also actively & regularly BUY the music of the artists I enjoy, both physical & digital. Streaming revenue for an artist is pretty miniscule in the overall of their earnings. This is also why I have big problems with current industry chart entities who in their metrics admittedly value streaming numbers above sales. (The importance they place on mainstream commercial radio play is IMO a complete embarrassment.) Sales numbers will always reflect deep support for an artist & are the least likely to fall prey to manipulation (industry or otherwise). Sadly this current set up makes it very hard for new artists to gain a foothold and potentially earn a living from their art. Streaming pays so very little and w/o deep industry connections & a "radio friendly sound" radio play is impossible. 

I think streaming is here to stay BUT I can reasonably see at some point artists banding together and asking for the changes they believe level the playing field and pay them a more reasonable rate per stream for their work. 

As for my still very new Pandora experience, I really enjoy it here. The community is so bright, diverse & refreshingly free from toxicity. Playlists are a breeze to make and share. Am looking forward to exploring more and taking advantage of all Pandora has to offer. 

On the Rise

As a musician, I have to say that streaming allows a far closer connection between artists and audiences, and gives the music aficionado much much more choice in terms of what to listen to.


The downside is that there's a huge signal to noise radio: they used to joke about TV being 200 channels and "nothing on" - there's 20,000 songs released EACH AND EVERY DAY.


I'm screaming into the void doing mine, but if streaming can go from "we have stuff" to "we can connect audiences to artists that really vibe with each other" you've got gold.


Artist here as "Jack Phantom and the Exquisite Corpse Cabaret" (jazz)

On the Rise

I would like to correct that: it's now 120,000 songs a day.


Artist here as "Jack Phantom and the Exquisite Corpse Cabaret" (jazz)

@SuzettaOT7 nicely stated. I agree, streaming is here to stay. Technology only keeps improving, and with that it opens the doors for more opportunities for music artists to become popular much quicker. Today a new song can come out and by tomorrow it reaches the other side of the world. There was a time when that would have taken months to achieve, or even a year or more. 

Take care and GOD bless.