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How does listening to music make you feel?

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Am I the only one who likes gets a weird feeling when listening to music; a feeling almost like a rush of serotonin; spreading through your entire body; making you think you can do things that you know you cannot do!

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@Sobriety_Dash  music 🎶 makes me feel alive, more than I am. It also makes me feel very blessed to be able hear the beauty of music. I grew up knowing a couple of deaf people who couldn't hear at all. What we take for granted.

Take care and GOD bless.


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Yes, and this is why I make playlists for everything; every significant occasion and/or in remembrance of it. It helps enhance the mood whether happy or sad. I can't imagine what life would be like without a good song.


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I agree with @MOHLovesAlaska. Music makes me feel alive as well... When you can find a song that fits your exact mood. There's nothing like it. 🎶

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The art of music is powerful for sure! I know people who only casually listen, in passing even & that always astounds me because music is layered, nuanced, many times complex & open to personal interpretation & inspiration. For those of us that love it, I think we love it all. A great melody, a catchy hook, a mood, lyrics that speak to something inside of us. At the least a silly pop tune might make us dance & mindlessly sing along, at the other extreme a song may embed itself in our brain as an important touchstone in our life and/or growth. Music has the power for change & strong messaging, if we really let it in. Yeah, I'm a music fanatic & even nerd, my everyday life is soundtracked. 

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Community Manager

I'm right there with you, @SuzettaOT7!

I can't imagine a world without music. 🎶 

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Enjoy MORE & Be Safe 


You are not the only one, each song takes me to a different place and stores memories and yes certain songs and bands have a stream of emotions rushing though my body it tickles the soul.  It's strange to me when I see some people listen to music to watch people at concerts just standing there and not singing the words or moving at all.  


I get the goosebumps too. Also have had the real gems that have made tears fall from my eyes because the message hit me really hard.