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Welcome to the Pandora Community! Whether you've been a long-time Pandora listener or are new to our platform, we'd like to take the time to welcome you to the Pandora family!


We'd also like to take this time to hear from you! Share a picture of yourself below (if you feel comfortable doing so) and add the following so we have a better understanding of who you are:


  • Name?
  • Where you're from?
  • What your favorite genre of music is?
  • What you're currently listening to?
  • A favorite feature of the Pandora service?


We hope to hear from many of you and hope that your Pandora Community experience is a memorable one. 🎧

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@Jpm32797 I love the 60's thru the '90s. My older brothers Donnie and David introduced me to the earlier music. I'm really glad they did. Since then I have acquired a huge diversity in the taste of music, all except for rap. Believe me, I have tried many times to gain a liking for rap music, but it still eludes my liking for it. 

Well, I hope to see more of you here in the community. Take care and stay safe. 


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Lol! How long can you keep your music going without stopping --
Jason Miller

@Jpm32797 well my one playlist is 109 hours long before it will repeat itself. I have also collected 100 stations and as you may know, some stations will have over 20 songs, while others will have as few as 5 or 10. So I would guess my stations will play longer than my playlist 

Have a great weekend, take care and stay safe.


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@Jpm32797 Hi Jason. Most of my stations are at least 7 to 8 hours worth of music. I'm actually pretty liberal with my thumbs up when I'm creating a station. I'm a Family Premium subscriber and when I'm creating stations, after I've given 5 songs a thumbs up Pandora generates a playlist for that station.

When I'm creating a station, if I like a song well enough to hear it again I'll give it a thumbs up. I do this for 2 basic reasons: (1) this helps Pandora generate better music suggestions for me and (2) I can go back to any station-generated playlist and search for a specific song.

As to your 2nd question about what decades of music I listen to, I listen mostly to music from the 80s to the present.

Hello music lovers

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    Name? Onna
  • Where you're from? Midwest
  • What your favorite genre of music is? All genres. Each one has a beat that heals the chakras
  • What you're currently listening to? The Car ' Just what I needed'
  • A favorite feature of the Pandora service? The variety of genres

Not applicable

Friday night I am not going to be in town 

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From Baltimore Md Area 

I Like Classic Rock and and a little country but right now Im Listening to some old Rock

I just like listening to some good music with no Commercials

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey, @Onnamb523 @Xray150. 👋

Welcome to the Pandora Community! :pandora:

Alyssa | Community Manager
Let's talk music in Community Chat
Share yours here: Q: What song fits your mood today?
Check out new tunes this week: New Music: Picks of the Week (06.10.24)

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Hi everyone! I absolutely love Pandora!!

  • Name? Christina
  • Where you're from? California but currently reside in Texas. 
  • What your favorite genre of music is? I have to say it's a tie between R&B, 90's Rock and Texas Rap.
  • What you're currently listening to? "For Real" by Rittz
  • A favorite feature of the Pandora service? I have the free plan so I love when y'all give me free hours of uninterrupted listening. 20211130_105459.jpg


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@_sTiNa_89 Welcome to the community Christina. I hope we'll see you around the community commenting on some of our other posts. Thank you for sharing your into with us. Peace! ✌️


Hello I’m vars (obviously not my real name) I’m from Omaha Nebraska my favorite genre is pop and rap and rock I’m currently listening to jelly roll, imagine dragons, and Jordan jacobs.

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don''t read this





  • Doom

Somewhere in roblox studio bumpin dem doomshop jams on vlc or crying somewhere because of roblox trash audio up date

Hyperpop/some kind of hyperpop rap (lungskull axxturel jewelvxxt) that kind

Lungskull magic

Everything here's great 😄

#W to mods

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@Agramane185 / @JadedLove / @Vars Welcome to the community. I hope we'll be seeing you commenting on some of our other posts here. The more you comment, the more the community gets to know you. Anyway, thanks for stopping by. Peace! ✌️

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Hey uncle Bud, Thanks for the welcome, I like this Pandora and ill be hanging around here for as long as i can hear good music


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Hello, I am new to Pandora. I just now signed up

 My name is Tamara and I will let you know how it goes!! Thanks all


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Hello everyone I am brand new to Pandora! I will let you know how I like it when I check it out more. Have a wonderful day!!


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@TammySue444 Hi Tamara and welcome both to Pandora and to the Pandora community. I've been with Pandora for a while now. As a matter of fact, July of this year will mark 9 years with Pandora. 

I really love Pandora. I'm on the Family Premium plan which allows me and my family to enjoy all the benefits of a Premium membership. However, when I started of with Pandora I was a free subscriber for a while before upgrading.

I really like that Pandora allows you to create stations based on an artist or song of your choice and this is something all subscribers can do. If you ever have questions or comments about Pandora feel free to come ask us here.

I hope when you have time, you'll check out some of our other posts. Thanks for sharing with us. Peace! ✌️

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Im Tonya 45 , 

Im from stanton , Michigan..i love variety of music but mostly uppy happy , dancey music but will give anything a try i been listening to jelly roll radio and lizzo radio rock radio and few others disabled taking care of disabled 17 year old son he is my world.. lets be friends hit me up

Tonya schug