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Laugh Or Smile Of The Day.

I have been trying to encourage all who read my post "A Word Of Encouragement For Your Day." But I have realized that sometimes all one my need to be encouraged for a day, is just a simple smile or a good hearty laugh 😂. So I will try my best to get a smile ☺ or a good hearty laugh out of you each and every day if I can.

  I will post a joke each day, and hopefully it will accomplish my goal, and that is to get you to laugh and or smile, or perhaps both. These jokes will be clean, family friendly, due to the simple fact that there are many youngsters that reply to my posts. I realize by keeping these jokes good and clean that some may sound really corny to adults, but may be really funny to the young crowd. So please keep that in mind as you read.

Q: What’s red and bad for your teeth?


A: A brick  (OOOOOUCH).

Have a great day dear friend, take care and stay safe.


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Lol, @MOHLovesAlaska. I like this one lol. 🤣

Alyssa | Community Manager
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@AlyssaPandora I'm thrilled you liked it...I thank you for your support as always my friend...Have a great Thursday...Take care and GOD bless...

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Good Monday afternoon dear friend...Are you in need of a smile or perhaps a laugh that will pick you up...Well, let's see if this will do the trick...

Q: How do you talk to a GIANT??? 

A: Well, that is an easy one, my friend you just have to use BIG WORDS...

Have a great day...Take care and GOD bless...


Community Manager
Community Manager

@MOHLovesAlaska That sounds about right. 😂

Thanks for the laughs as always! 

Good Friday afternoon dear friend...I know it has been a while since I last posted here but I do hope you enjoy this one just as much as I have...


Have a great Friday and a blessed weekend...Take care and GOD bless...