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Pandora is my Sanity

Local Performer

I just want to add as an online educator, and "virtual CEO",  I got back into Pandora count about a year ago and it recognize stations I had from us long as 10 years earlier!

 Checked back in, got a  monthly account, and of the center Bose noise canceling headphones and Cantoma, Suomi radio, Ryan Farrish, and David Arkenstone (among others) it has truly been one of the most satisfying experiences.

I will typically grade papers,  post to discussion boards, with beautiful background music which truly enhances the experience of what can ordinarily be quite demanding and grueling too!

 Thanks Pandora and all the great artists out there!



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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi, @RAMPHD. 👋

Thanks so much for sharing your experience. 🎧

Glad to hear that you're enjoying Pandora while you work. Getting messages like yours keeps us doing what we're doing. 

We're happy to have you as a listener, and as a member of the Pandora Community! :pandora:

Alyssa | Community Manager
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Local Performer

Can we edit our posts? In my excitement, a few grammatical changes needed!

Community Manager
Community Manager

@RAMPHD Definitely - if you need to make any edits, you can click on the 3 vertical dots located on the upper right corner of your post.

Then click Edit Message

Here is a screenshot of where that option is located as well:

Screen Shot 2020-07-23 at 5.05.24 AM.png

Hope this helps, and I hope to see you around the Community some more! 😎