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Share songs for a trip

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friday I'm going on a trip to saint Louis and I need songs

Please need songs


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there, @28jmgray. 👋

Have you checked out some of our past playlist challenges or @AdamPandora's new music post? You can check his most recent post out here: New Music: Picks of the Week (04.09.24) 🎶

Other community friends have shared songs they like based on the playlist challenge prompt. Here are a few: 

Hope this helps jump start your playlist! Have a nice trip. 

Alyssa | Community Manager
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@AlyssaPandora Thanks i'm going to need it! 


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Here are my suggestions:


The maybe men

There are both albums by the band AJR. 

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Not sure if you still need songs but here are a few suggestions (not sure what kinds of music you enjoy)…

St. Vincent - Broken Man, Flea

Matt Champion - Slug

Mary in the Junkyard - Marble Arch 

The Marias - Submarine

Artists with new records you may want to check out: Vampire Weekend, Fabiana Palladino, girl in red, Still Corners


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That fled trip was SO FUN I got my but stuck in a cave and some on got a concussion but other then that it was fun so yea and  I missed yall and I didn't get to yall before so sorry about that and hope yall get to go there to see the arch and thanks to all you guys for the songs it helped so much

god bless you all


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And there it is 

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Hey, I Got A Whole Playlist Of Songs For You To Enjoy, I've Copied And Pasted It Below From My Top #10 Musical Nomination Day Collection, Which You Can Find On My Profile Under ToWellKnown News Board.


I Hope You Enjoy This Selection Of Songs, I've Even Featured A Playlist Of All The Songs From The Past Nominations, Enjoy


Hey Everybody, Happy Friday, I Hope You Have Had A Great Week! Now, Let's Dive In, Enjoy

Warning: This Nomination List Contains Explicit Or Possibly Offensive Content, Look For These Labels Before Listening:  (E) = Explicit    (OC) = Offensive Content

/\/\/\/\/\/\/\\/\/\/\Here's This Weeks Top #10 Musical Nominations/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/

  1. Moonlight - XXXTENTACION On Pandora                                                                                                     (E)
  2. Heat Waves - Glass Animals On Pandora
  3. Come As You Are - Nirvana On Pandora
  4. Petty - Emotional Oranges On Pandora                                                                                                         (E)
  5. Slow Hands - Niall Horan On Pandora 
  6. Kiss Me More - Doja Cat On Pandora                                                                                                             (E)
  7. As It Was - Harry Styles On Pandora
  8. Bad Habit - Steve Lacy On Pandora                                                                                                                (E)
  9. Better Days - NEIKED On Pandora
  10. Maniac - Conan Grey On Pandora

(What Are Your Favorites? Tell Me In Purple🔮)

Keep Being Awesome!   Keep Being Great!   Keep Being You!   

Warning: This Nomination List Contains Explicit Or Possibly Offensive Content, Look For These Labels Before Listening:  (E) = Explicit    (OC) = Offensive Content

Weekly Nominations Are Picked By The Songs I've Listened To The Most In The Week, There Will Be A Top #10 Selection Of Different Songs On This List Every Friday.

Here Is A Playlist Of All The Songs That I Have Featured In The Musical Nominations That Will Now Be In/On All Musical Nomination Day Posts! (Will Be 1 Week Behind For Ease Of Convenience)

🌻‌Musical Nominations‌🌸‌[1-4] 

Adam Smith | ToWellKnown
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