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What's Your Favorite Kind of Music?

On the Rise

What kind of music does everyone like?


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Jazzlynn M. Schrader
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rap mostly molly brazy

On the Rise

nice that is good kind of music

Jazzlynn M. Schrader

Local Performer

I like rap n hip hop songs mostly Yelawolf, tech 9, king iso, and Doobie 

Community Manager
Community Manager

I enjoy all types of music. I love pop, R&B, rap / hip hop, electronic and jazz. 🎶

Alyssa | Community Manager
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Classic Rock & Classic Blues

Opening Act

The kind of music i listen to is : POP/ HIP HOP/ COUNTRY / ROCK. my favorite is pop right now

As for me I love every genre of music except for rap. I said it many times but I have tried many times to gain a liking for rap music but it keeps eluding to gain my liking for it. 

Music has been therapeutic for me as well as essential for me in my life now. Take care and stay safe.

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