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Unable to write comments

Opening Act

I used to have my tablet years ago but it is now taken away. It was a kindle tablet and it allows me to write comments on pandora. It was fun. And I want to know your experience on pandora? Tell me your thoughts and opinions. I'll share mine: This app is free for me to not pay pandora. I usually add new stations to my collection and to explore them thoroughly. Music is my first passionate that describes about me.

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@bellann805 my favorite part about Pandora (obviously besides the music) is meeting new people in the Pandora Community, I have made several good friends here in the Pandora Community, we share music, photos, and even our real names with each other. But that came with time and getting to know each other, along with trust. I mean let's face the facts about how really hard it is to make friends online these days, and not just online but even in general. 

I do love being a premium customer, I can create my own personal Playlists, I can create my own stations, I can listen offline, I can share my music. And as I already mentioned, the community is just a big bonus. Well, Michelle I do hope to see more of you in the community, you take care and stay safe.


P.S. How could I forget, Pandora also has the best moderators, @ErickPandora, @AlyssaPandora, @AdamPandora, @TannerPandora, and @ShannonPandora if ever you have a question or problem they will be there for you. And some of them are also my friends as well. Be safe.