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Your worst concert.....

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Ok. We all can remember our most favorite concert. Maybe because the singer/band interacted with the audience. Or it could be the company you went with. Or even the sound quality was perfect for you.   So now think back to a concert you attended and you can hands down say it was the WORSE one you ever went to. Tell me why it was your worse.

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@Celticgal the worst concerts I can recall are the ones I never attended but wanted to...

Have a blessed day...Take care and GOD bless...



Community Manager
Community Manager

@Celticgal I can't say I've been to a concert that I've hated (luckily).

Some things that make the experience not as enjoyable for me though include:

  • the loooooooong lines of traffic that can build up just trying to get to the venue and park/leave
  • when there are multiple stages and I have to pick between two artists I really want to see
  • when I don't have a seat (I'm old now and like to have somewhere to sit down 🪑🤣)

But as long as the music is good, and I'm with the right people, I'll always find a way to have fun! 😎

Community Manager
Community Manager

Lol, @MOHLovesAlaska. I agree 😂

@AdamPandora same here! I think the "let out" or the end of the concert is probably the worst part for me. I tend to leave concerts before they end and watch from afar so that I can beat the crowd. 

Did you have a recent experience, @Celticgal

Alyssa | Community Manager
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