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have you heard of olivia rodrigo

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Screenshot 2021-08-08 7.06.31 PM.png if you have not listened to this album you HAVE to its a MASTERPIECE! my personal favorite is brutal!

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Thanks for sharing, @Rubyfoxx!

I'll add a link to that album here in case others want to give it a listen: SOUR (Explicit) by Olivia Rodrigo

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@Rubyfoxx good Monday morning, and yes, she is awesome. I have collected some of her songs for my own personal playlist, my favorite is Drivers License. It is truly a sad song, but it is one that I can very closely relate to as well. 

I will add her song Brutal (clean) to the GSOTD post and playlist. I will also be sure to mention you for requesting the song. Have a great day, take care and stay safe. 



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Yes, I  have heard of Olivia Rodrigo she is very talented and one of the greatest teen singers. My favorite song for her is GOOD 4 YOU. 

My sister is a huge fan of her and I'm glad she's helping out with the vaccines and all that's pretty great. and it's a great way to get people motivated.


Favourite song so far is - brutal

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- Let's share music in the Playlist Swap