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how many people listen music when are angry for a lot time


when the people is to angry the first we do it is listen we favorite music is going be relaxing and cold down we self for most people it's working that's why people use this form for relaxing we self 🎶🎧

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, @Lapara14. 👋

I think people listen to music whenever they experience any kind of emotion. I listen to music when I'm happy, sad, annoyed, etc. Music is a form of therapy for me. 💟

What artists / genres are you currently listening to? 🎶

Alyssa | Community Manager
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Me! I love listening to music when im angry! Your no alone!😊

Opening Act

it's called "catharsis" and it's any activity we do to get past the bad, whether it be anger or grief or pain or whatever. it's very healthy and you can do it proactively as well