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We’re very excited to announce the release of curator profiles! All types of curators on Pandora, including Labels, DJs, songwriters, journalists, writers, actors, chefs, influencers and more, now have a listener-facing profile where they can showcase the playlists, stations, and Stories they’ve made using Pandora AMP’s free curation tools.

Programs on Pandora:




Why Curation Matters

As content creation and catalog volume have exploded over the last several years, the art of curation has proven to be more important than ever. As listeners often struggle with the barrage of content out there, more people are turning to the curators they trust for specialized listening experiences and uniquely curated programming. With curator profiles on Pandora, it is now easier than ever for fans to discover and engage with the curated programs they love.



“Approximately 50,000 songs get uploaded a day and the average music listener doesn’t have to go through it all to find good music. That’s where curators come in. Using our expertise and passion for music we go through all of the tracks and pick out the best ones for different listening experiences.”

- Josh “J1” Raiford, Vice President of Sirius XM/Pandora Programming



Since Pandora Stories was launched in 2019, curators have been using the Pandora AMP toolset to create unique programs, sharing the stories behind some of their favorite music. Artists, labels, podcasters, songwriters, producers, DJs, authors, influencers and anyone who counts music as part of their creative process, have been making programs in their own unique voices to celebrate the music in their lives, whether they create music or are avid listeners.


“Pandora is proud to continue to wave the flag for human curation. Remember passing that mix cd of your favorite songs to your friends? Well, it still happens in AMP where we lovingly seek out the best new music and amplify it across our platform for our listeners to get turned on to something new. We know there are a ton of offerings out there, but rest assured we’re hand selecting the best new music so it doesn’t get lost in all the digital distraction.”

Chris Patyk, Assoc. Director Music Programming, Rock


Discovering Curators on Pandora

Curators now have a home for all of their content on Pandora and can use their curator profile to help grow their audience. The new curator profiles showcase dedicated sections for both stations and playlists, as well as displaying curator images and bios. Pandora listeners can easily discover more programs by their favorite curators and keep up with the new programs they are creating.

For listeners using the Pandora mobile app, you can go to a curator’s profile from a program they’ve created by scrolling to the bottom and tapping on the “More by curator” option which will bring you to the curator’s profile. For listeners on the web platform, select a program and click the “by curator” link under the program title to view all of that curator’s programs.


Become a Curator on Pandora

Verified curators already creating programs in Pandora AMP are now able to go to their Profile tab after signing in to upload a curator photo, submit a custom bio, and share their curator profile link with their fans.

If you’re interested in becoming a curator and creating your own programs on Pandora, you can sign up for it here.

All artists who have claimed their profiles on Pandora AMP, will automatically have the Programs option available to them. If you’re an artist new to AMP, you can get started by claiming your artist profile here.

So far, curators of all kinds have created thousands of incredible programs on Pandora, offering a wide array of original and exclusive listening experiences. We encourage you to check some of them out, and then make your own! Welcome to the Pandora curator community!


– The Creator Team

SiriusXM Pandora

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for sharing more details about the curator profiles, @JohnVPandora.

I love that I can see all of the curated genre stations within the profile now too. Very cool. 👍


Local Performer

Im getting back into my groove again, only vibing good things from now on

Opening Act

It would be great if the Pandora Community was promoting curators who in turn were actively promoting other artists on Pandora, especially people looking for new and undiscovered/lesser-known music and artists, and people who as a sign of that interest are sharing some sort of contact information or submission process for songs that fit their playlists.

The current 6 profiles either have playlists of songs that basically everyone already knows, or else they are primarily promoting their own music, or else they are primarily promoting their label's music.  One states he is promoting his own music plus music of specific ethnic groups but, again, has no contact or submission process so in reality, that leaves only his own influences.  Which are all fine, but are those the people that Pandora Community most wants to highlight?

I would prefer Pandora Community spend its efforts highlighting curators who have playlists which are in turn focused on finding music and artists from the wider Pandora community.

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