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Desktop App Windows 11: No sound


I was using the app for over a year. Then one day I was using it and then no sound. Everything is working but no sound. I stopped using the app for about six months and yesterday I decided to try the app. I thought that others reported it and that the app would be fixed. I started the app, and I was glad that it was working. Then about 2 hours in, no sound again. No errors. I came into this community, and I was surprised that this issue has been going on for well over a year and still no fix. Very disappointed. Well back to the web version. Will there ever be a fix for the app? I am using a Lenovo x390 running Windows 11 Pro. I7 processor, 32gig memory


mod edit: updated title for clarity

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, @scennimo. 👋

Sorry to hear you're having trouble on your Windows 11. I moved your post over to this existing thread to keep the community space organized:

Did you get a chance to try out the troubleshooting steps? I would recommend running through these steps while I have a trace enabled on your account to see if it resolves your issue. This helps us report it more accurately to our engineering team. 

Pandora Desktop App for Windows Troubleshooting:

First, try resetting the Pandora app from the Help menu (not to worry, we'll keep track of your profile and collection for you). Press Alt on your keyboard to bring up a menu options at the top of the page, then select Help and Reset App Data.

If you're still having issues, try uninstalling and reinstalling using the following steps:

  1. Locate Pandora in your Start Menu, and right-click to reveal an additional menu. Select Uninstall from the dropdown menu. From there, select Pandora from the list and confirm by selecting Uninstall once more.
  2. Next, find our app in the Windows Store on your device. Search for Pandora in the upper right corner and click or tap Get to re-install.

Please note: That downloading any application on your devices requires a Microsoft account and password, and it may be a different email address and password than those on your Pandora account.

Also, we do not support Pandora on unofficial OS releases, like preview or developer builds. We only support Pandora on configurations that we have fully tested, so as to ensure the application will work correctly and not cause any problems with functions of the device.

Let me know how it goes. 🎧

Alyssa | Community Manager
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I just did what you posted here. I signed in and it is currently working. I will run it the rest of the day and let you know how it worked out. Like I said, the last time I was two hours in before it stopped working. I will update this post later on today, sooner if it goes down. Thanks


Just wanted to let you know that it went down at 2:15pm. If I look at it, it all looks normal. No error messages. Tells what is playing, you see the white line moving but no sound. This app is bad. I have already uninstalled and reinstalled. Any other ideas? Will this app ever get fixed?

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