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Listen to Pandora from a web browser

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Hey guys,

I have been a pandora user for an extremely long time and I pay for the pandora premium subscription every month to get more benefits outta my account!

Pandora has been around since 2000!  So you would think since they’ve been out for so long and now they receive monthly payments from millions of people every month. In 2009 is when they started the paid subscriptions and since then, I’m sure they keep improving their site for paid customers and maybe even for customers who don’t pay. 
But what I don't get is why you cannot listen to pandora off of the app?! Why can’t you listen to pandora off of your internet browser? And also, if you ever do decide to allow people to either use an app or sign in off an internet browser, you should definitely make sure that when a customer has a certain type of account (free acct., plus acct. and especially a premium acct.) through you, that you provide them with the same abilities, songs, playlists, podcasts, downloads, etc. It would be unfair if someone has the most expensive subscription you offer, like myself, and they signed in off of the internet and noticed they weren’t able to do half of the things they can do on their app and can’t listen to half of the music they typically listen to.

I just don’t see why you can’t allow customers to use both the app and then the internet browser! 
I feel like that would be fair! And a great suggestion to be honest!

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Hi @Chelskerr03! Thanks for posting. 

Can you clarify your suggestion a little more? 

It sounds like you may be running into a support issue, since you should be able to listen to Pandora on any supported web browser. We also offer a desktop app for Windows 10 and Mac devices. 

If you're not able to listen on the web, can you tell me a little more about what is happening?


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