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No sound when listening through Bose Smart Speaker 500

Local Performer

Pandora stopped the sound, it shows it's playing but no sound. Please help, thanks

I use my laptop not a phone

firefox. Listening with WiFi speaker

window computer

Bose Smart Speaker 500 Wifi

I joined Pandora few years ago but I rejoined it again a couple of months ago because commercials returned. Can you tell me if it shows I'm a member please? thx

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@EllaBlue1217 I moved your post over to the Desktop space.

No sound when listening through Bose Smart Speaker 500:

To clarify, are you only experiencing this issue with Pandora?

Have you tried streaming other apps such as YouTube?

If not, please try launching the YouTube app and let me know if you experience similar issues there as well.

Thanks for your patience.


Still hearing commercials with Pandora Plus:

Could you confirm that you are logged into your upgraded account on your device?

Sometimes, it may help to sign out of Pandora, and then sign back in using the email address associated with your upgraded account.

If you are still seeing ads after confirming you are logged in with the correct address, can you tell me a bit more about the advertising you are seeing?

Is it for a specific brand or artist? Are you hearing them while listening to podcasts?

Let me know.

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