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Feature Request: Listening to more than one device at the same time

Feature Request: Listening to more than one device at the same time

Status: Open Ideas

I tried the premium service and it was worse than the unpaid service. I listen to it on Alexa, then if I forget to stop it when I leave, I can't listen in my car. Ridiculous!

I'd have to set up multiple accounts for each of my 5 Amazon Echo's in order to listen on each, then I wouldn't get the music I like unless I thumb up or down on each device. Makes no sense at all!!!

Fix this to allow up to 5 or 6 simultaneous devices on the same account and I'll gladly join again 🙂

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I’m a LOOOOOOONNNGGG time Pandora subscriber and currently have the family plan and I have Alexa linked to my account.  It works fine for all users UNTIL someone uses Alexa, which my son does every night at the same time I’m using it on my phone.  Because Pandora’s Alexa skill only allows one account we both constantly get the “someone else is listening “ message.  VERY ANNOYING!  Figure this out Pandora.  I pay for a family plan and I’m not able to use it to the fullest due to this, quite frankly, dumb restriction.

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+1 I just reactivated my account and got the Someone else is listening error message when tuning into Pandora on my cell in the car. This is because I had left it playing on Alexa at home, presumably. But this never happened when using the free version. Isn't the account is attached for me, not to a device? If I am logged in with my credentials, I should not matter how many devices (Alexas in different rooms, for example). I will revert to the free version if this issue is not resolved. It is a bug for users!

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+1 more to this.

I have been a paid subscriber for longer then I can remember and it is just my wife and I so I would like to have all my stations available to me and not shared (this removes the thumbs up and down between devices, as technically the stations becomes tied to the account that changed it).  This is very difficult and Pandora is the only music service that this is a problem on.  All I want is 2 devices at the same time with the same account.  I don't want to switch to a new service cause I have stations that have 10 plus years of history on them that play exactly what I want and I don't want to have to start over.  Pandora needs to get with the times.

Also a Google Home user to 2 homes can't stream at the same time due to the account limitation.