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Ideas: Listening to more than one device at the same time

Ideas: Listening to more than one device at the same time

Status: Open Ideas

I tried the premium service and it was worse than the unpaid service. I listen to it on Alexa, then if I forget to stop it when I leave, I can't listen in my car. Ridiculous!

I'd have to set up multiple accounts for each of my 5 Amazon Echo's in order to listen on each, then I wouldn't get the music I like unless I thumb up or down on each device. Makes no sense at all!!!

Fix this to allow up to 5 or 6 simultaneous devices on the same account and I'll gladly join again 🙂

Moderator Edit: Changed title for clarity

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Local Performer

Absolutely agree. Someone from Pandora needs to explain why we can’t get this functionality. 


It isn't even a case of "can't" get this functionality, they literally removed this functionality. They spent time and money to intentionally make this unavailable. Out of all the bugs, service availability issues, and legitimate feature requests that could have benefited from that effort, some group sat down and made the decision to prioritize a change making this very expensive service less useful to their paying customers.

And that's why this 15-year subscriber is creating a Spotify account and giving it a second shot.

Local Performer

bought the free trial and family premium.  encountered the issue of my wife and I not being able to listen at the same time and solved it immediately.


Canceled the free trial and account and went back to free pandora.  Simple answer.  no need for a Pandora product improvemennt team to meet and discuss my problem

Local Performer

Everyone on the planet is running into this issue. You are losing customers that previously subscribed to family plan, or are not signing up until this is fixed.

Problem: With the explosion of Alexa and Sonos devices, which all ONLY SUPPORT ONE PANDORA ACCOUNT, you are unable to stream from multiple alexa devices at a time, even on the family plan.

This is because instead of just allowing multiple streams on the family plan, you require DIFFERENT ACCOUNTS. This breaks all smart music devices. If you like chasing customers away, keep it working this way. If someone there actually wants to increase customers, then hire a product manager that understands this bad design choice, and implement what your customers want.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, @jaybpl. 👋

Nice to see you around the Pandora Community.

Other community members are interested in this option as well.

I moved your post over to this existing feature request: Listening to More than One Device at the Same Time

Be sure to upvote this idea by clicking on the 💙 icon next to the title of this request to express your interest in seeing this option implemented.

Opening Act

this is a no brainer

Local Performer

Please can Pandora set-up listening to More than One Device at the Same Time


I too am seriously considering cancelling.  It is UNACCEPTABLE that two people in the same "family" cannot listen at the same time in different places.  I see NO point in the "premium family" subscription that I just signed up for; it's likely that I'll cancel unless I get help figuring out what to do.  This is a warning to Pandora: you will lose my and many millions of other listeners' business unless you fix this problem.

Local Performer

This seriously needs fixed.  Why pay for premium if you can't listen on more than one device?  F I X P L E A S E .

Another thing that needs fixed is to be able to select more than one song at a time.

I really want to support you guys (dropped Amazon) but these are real problems.



Glad CS99 posted ... I had forgotten to cancel my account.

Bye, Pandora. Sony killed you off.