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Ideas: Listening to more than one device at the same time

Ideas: Listening to more than one device at the same time

Status: Open Ideas

I tried the premium service and it was worse than the unpaid service. I listen to it on Alexa, then if I forget to stop it when I leave, I can't listen in my car. Ridiculous!

I'd have to set up multiple accounts for each of my 5 Amazon Echo's in order to listen on each, then I wouldn't get the music I like unless I thumb up or down on each device. Makes no sense at all!!!

Fix this to allow up to 5 or 6 simultaneous devices on the same account and I'll gladly join again 🙂

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you guys must have been cracking down the past couple months... you're killing me with "someone else is listening" when i move from sonos (home) to truck (android auto)....


i'm about to just cancel my sub and just deal with the crappy radio on spotify...

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Netflix offers a few different plan options. Why can't Pandora offer the same options? Basic price of $4.99 is 1 device playing, $9.99 is 2, and $14.99 is 4 devices that can stream simultaneously.  I think this is what everyone is looking for. 1 log in, multiple "accounts/profiles", and ability to listen at the same time.

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Why pay money for a "family" and only be able to use on one? This needs to be fixed ASAP. This is frustrating! 


I see no way to "up vote " this issue ? ?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi, @AzureHawk. 👋

To upvote existing ideas, click on the 💙icon next to the title of the request. Once you click on it, the icon will turn blue indicating you'd like to see this option implemented. 

Here's a screenshot:

Screen Shot 2021-11-01 at 10.34.44 AM.png

Hope this helps! 🎧

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I've been holding off on upgrading to Family for the same reasons others have posted. We have multiple Sonos and Echo devices, and our 5 kids share 3 of them. Pandora used to be able to stream on 2 devices at once without issue, so we never knew or cared when the kids were also listening, but now it's extremely annoying. For the most part they couldn't care less what music "channel" their music comes from, and most of the time only two devices are playing music at once anyway.

I would happily pay more for the extra streams!

But, if I have to go through the effort of setting up Amazon Household anyway, I can always just remove the Pandora skill from the kids' Echos and call it a day!

Netflix lets me pay for the number of streams I need. Pandora should do the same.

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I did upvote the idea... I think we are all just venting now. I love Pandora, have had an account since probably 2007? Not sure. We were planning to upgrade to family premium, but looking through the details... if I have to install Amazon family in order to use Pandora family, why wouldn't I just use the Amazon music app? That's nice that they keep linking to this option, but I don't want to install Amazon family. I just want to have Alexa be a friendly little speaker that I can tell to play my music. I like my music to come from Pandora. Like anything in life, if you make it too complicated, and someone else can do it without the complication, we aren't going to do it. I think I just lost this particular debate in my family, which is too bad.

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Big fan of Pandora for years.  Music with no ads - sign me up!

Not being able to stream more than one channel at a time on Alexa means I now have to at alternatives.  

The Family Plan was either designed by committee or a lawyer that doesn't use Pandora.  Essentially useless for most people.

I don't want to leave - please let us buy multiple streams!

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Make this happen Pandora.  Didn't realize until I paid for service, the unpaid fit my needs better than paid.  Multiple streams on same network is a must.