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Ideas: Listening to more than one device at the same time

Ideas: Listening to more than one device at the same time

Status: Open Ideas

I tried the premium service and it was worse than the unpaid service. I listen to it on Alexa, then if I forget to stop it when I leave, I can't listen in my car. Ridiculous!

I'd have to set up multiple accounts for each of my 5 Amazon Echo's in order to listen on each, then I wouldn't get the music I like unless I thumb up or down on each device. Makes no sense at all!!!

Fix this to allow up to 5 or 6 simultaneous devices on the same account and I'll gladly join again 🙂

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I'm on the edge with MV10.  Right now I'm a super frustrated user after being with Pandora since Yahoo Music died (2008?)  I probably would have stuck with my base account forever, but technology changes and families change.  Dots around the house, a Sonos with 3 room reach, a kid with a phone and one without...and the simple need to stream to two devices simultaneously without poor unrealistic workarounds.  Really hoping pandora is working on this right now and just keeping it close to their chest.  Right now it's on borrowed time, so hoping to hear positive news sooner rather than later.

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I want to be able to go back and forth between my phone and desktop. Why can’t it just pause the other place without having to give me that annoying ten second audio message multiple times a day? I can’t figure out how to disable it. Makes me want to use another service altogether. 

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@scaleb I moved your post into this existing feature request: Listening to More than One Device at the Same Time

While this isn't currently an option, I recommend upvoting this thread with a ❤️to express your interest in seeing it added to the service.

Thanks for being a part of the Community! :pandora:

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I agree. This is a much needed feature. It would be very much appreciated for us to be able to stream the same account on different devices within the same network or somehow limit the number of devices within the same area. I have a family plan subscription and use it for my relatives in different states. but I find it kinda of ridiculous that the only solution for my wife and I to listen to different pandora stations within our own home is for me to setup an amazon household. Create an amazon account for her. Create a pandora for her. And the figure out how to switch amazon accounts back and forth as we move through the house. That is more effort than is worth for the outcome. Especially considering other streaming services allow for single account use on different devices. 


I'm not sure other streaming services do offer this - not the ones I found anyway.  That makes me think it is some limitation by recording studios somehow, but there must be ways to get it done.  Why should anyone care if I have two accounts listening to two songs or one account listening to two songs, especially if I'm paying for two accounts either way?  I'm happy paying for a multistream feature, I'm not happy with all these unusable workarounds.  This caused me to start using several other services (free for now), whoever brings this functionality first gets my business easily.


@chosephAfter ditching Pandora, we signed up for a Spotify family plan. My wife and I can both listen to our own stations at the same time. We can't both listen to the same account, however, which I think is what you're saying.

More importantly, Spotify apps make it trivial to switch accounts across every device we've used -- and their phone / device integration is great.

I admit the "real" Spotify hasn't been too satisfying for me, but their alternate Stations app is more or less what Pandora used to be and is what I use 99% of the time.

Pandora won't be getting my money again, that's for sure. Sad.

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I joined family plan thinking I could use it to listen on multiple Alexa devices.  WRONG!   I had upgraded from premium at $4.99 to 14.99.  
I have now canceled all plans ama use use “free” account.  
obviously my decision was not cost driven.    Pandora people—are u unable to solve this problem or u don’t want to because of some profit motive???  U just lost my $15    Why does anybody pay I for a family plan.  I don’t get it?

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My husband and I purchased pandora premium and have always been able to access the same account at the same time on two different devices.  He listens to it in his classroom and I listen to it in my classroom.  I'll be listening on the back porch and he is listening in his car.  Suddenly this is no longer an option.  What happened?  


Agree with all above, please allow one account to have multiple streams.  Just set the maximum at 6 streams from any combination of accounts.  Sharing a station doesn't help.  Besides being a pain in the butt to do for all stations you may want to listen to, as you thumbs up/down, the shared stations won't stay synched which totally defeats the purpose of Pandora...allowing us to tailor what is played based on our likes/dislikes using the music genome project.

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How is this not implemented yet?  I think the entire user base would pay the same Family amount.  

BETTER user service would allow tiers for single, dual, and 4+ or even 8+ streaming for big families.

I mean, Pandora has stats on how many Family accounts they have and how many 'child' accounts are on each, right?  How much software development could this be?  And how many happy customers could they make?

Maybe that's the issue...the DO have the metrics, and the 10% of us who want the solution aren't worth the effort.   Bummer.