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album cover screensaver on Xbox app

album cover screensaver on Xbox app

Diamond in the Rough
Status: Open Ideas

Hello, you know how on the Roku Pandora app a screensaver type image of the song's album cover moves about the background after a minute or two whilst a song plays? WELL, is there a way for the Xbox Pandora app to do the same thing? I have my Roku on that TV over there, but my Xbox is on the other TV over in that room, see. I really like how the Roku app does that with the album image, because I despise static images on my TVs of any kind. Yeah, I'm that guy! THX!

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Status changed to: Open Ideas

👍 @BreenX Thanks for the idea! 

Local Performer

This idea should be implemented on PC applications as well.  

Local Performer

So I own an older OLED TV that I paid for brand new. It was NOT cheap. My mother lives with me and my wife and would continually pause the TV and walk away. I would continually yell at her and not nicely, the TV costing $3500 new.

That all being said she ended up burning a lasting image of the DVR progress bar into my expensive TV. Since then I am afraid of any kind of static image on any screen. A Screensaver of any sort that runs while pandora is up would save people's TVs so I absolutely applaud any efforts at bringing them to the Pandora App.