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Ideas: Ability to report catalog or bug issues through app

Ideas: Ability to report catalog or bug issues through app

Status: Open Ideas


As an avid Pandora user, I (like many others I presume) spend a decent amount of time & energy to curate my various stations. 

In my efforts I have occasionally come across some incorrectly labeled bands/songs/albums...  I believe this happens when more than one band/artist share a (similar) name; however, this can cause some havoc when streamlining a station for a specific genre.

For example, my station, "Goes to 11" features various metal and rock bands.  While delving into some doom metal bands I came across 'Funeral', a Norwegian Funeral Doom Metal band.  To my pleasure, Pandora has them as an available artist (unfortunately Orodruin is not - sad face); however, clicking on their artist page seems to feature what appears to be a rap/hip-hop act named 'Funeral' with a single song "Die Lit" (with the rest of Norway's 'Funeral' doom metal albums beneath.  Mind you, I have no problem with rap/hip-hop but (if I liked this song) I'd categorize it under my 'What? Yeah! Okaaaaaay!" station.  Please note that this isn't the only time that I have come across an error such as this.

Might Pandora consider adding a feature where listeners can "report" when a song/artist/album seems to be mislabeled or grouped incorrectly.  These reports could then be reviewed for accuracy and corrections made as appropriate.

Thank you for your time and consideration, I love the service!




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Opening Act

Why do we have to open a different app and navigate to a website and through multiple menus to report bugs? Error reporting should be done through the app, like most other apps do

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there, @Jessica1. 👋

I moved your post over to this existing idea: Feature Request: Ability to report catalog or bug issues through app

Feel free to upvote this idea by clicking on the 💙 icon next to the title of the suggestion. We appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts with the community! :pandora:

Local Performer

There's a band called "Skyhill" that has three singles that are Spanish rap, where the actual band is more of a synth pop, and the conflict is pretty egregious between them when trying to listen to my Skyhill radio. Make sense? Dan Avidan hasn't done any Spanish rap just yet, to my knowledge, and given that the three Spanish rap singles are also classified as explicit content whereas the rest of the actual band's music isn't, it just doesn't fit. A fix would be appreciated. 

Opening Act

It seems like Pandora's using bots or scripts or low-paid workers in cheap countries to set up band details. Also, they seem to not care to fix any of the cataloguing info or the quality of the song rips. Nirvana's Nevermind still sounds like a crappy over-compressed rip from 1995 where the cymbals sound warbly and trashy.

Opening Act

Why cant we report issues through the app. I don't need help troubleshooting my device from a community. I need the software developers to be aware of issues they need to fix