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Ideas: Add custom album art on stations & playlist

Ideas: Add custom album art on stations & playlist

Status: Open Ideas

Does anybody know if the Playlist Screen allows for customization i.e. using your own photos as the music plays?

mod edit: changing title for clarity

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I really wish this was a feature. Other apps like Spotify and Apple Music allow for custom thumbnails and I wish Pandora would too. It would make for a more personalized interface.

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Ahh this is a year old. How is this not a thing yet. I just want to choose a cover from within the station. 

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you can work around it for now. Delete the station that you want as your cover then + Add Variety it back in. what ever is at the top of your add variety will show up as your station icon. I had to do this a couple of times because I don't understand how they decide to put which song or album where in the list but keep at it and you can get the picture you want.

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I have the same request!

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I have this request too - can we PLEASE change the thumbnails of our own playlists? Thank you!

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Come on dev. team! This feature is long overdue. It would make playlists and stations much more customized and easy to find. Think about it. Who would not like to share a playlist with their own picture on it?

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I'm making a playlist and I would like to customize the cover photo so it's not just a bunch of album covers. I've seen playlists with specially designed covers made by the artists, so it must be possible - but I can't find an option to upload a photo! Does anyone know the answer?


Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Open Ideas

@GothardSisters I moved your post over to the Feature Requests space as there is not currently a way to customize playlist photos.

This will give others around the Community a chance to upvote your idea as well.

Thanks for your suggestion!

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omg please do this! its been over a year since they asked and i think it cant possibly be too hard to implement it! its something ive wanted for ages!!! ❤️

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@Pandora: Please make this happen for personal stations.  If you can't support uploading personal photos, then AT LEAST allow us to choose which album art to use for the personal station. This should be an easy fix.  Just add a new option to the pop-up menu that already exists in the song list. - For example, when I am browsing my personal station's Thumb History, and I right-click the song named "Control" from Halsey, the following menu appears below the song:


Current menu choices are "Collect", "Add to Playlist", "Start Station from Artist", "Start Station from Song", "Share" and "Delete". - - - We just need developers to add one more option that says "Set as Station Image".