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Ideas: Choose Types of Ads/ Rate Ads

Ideas: Choose Types of Ads/ Rate Ads

Status: Open Ideas

I know there are a lot of folks out there that are annoyed by the advertisement selection that they are exposed to.  I am also one of them.  I have a suggestion, though I'm sure someone must have thought of this already.

Give us a thumbs-up/thumbs-down option for advertisements!  Not all advertisements are terrible, but some of them are so offensive to people that it's driving them away from your platform.  Or at the very least leading them to mute their device for a couple minutes until the ads are done playing.  I'm sure the ad payers probably don't enjoy forking over money simply to be muted and ignored by your listener base.  At the very least give them the exposure to those who are actually going to listen to them, and help them avoid those who are going to avoid them!


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Local Performer

Please help your fellow Pandora listeners by allowing us the opt out of this annoying thing that is Spanish commercials!  I cannot stand it and I am Hispanic!  I cannot fathom how it is to non-Hispanic listeners!

Thank you

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Hi @Pkanbar, thanks for posting to FR. I've moved your message to a similar FR post about ads: Choosing the Types of Ads

Don't forget get to ❤️, this lets us know which ideas are popular, the more votes an idea gets the more likely that it will be looked at for our roadmap.

Thanks for being part of community. 

Local Performer

I would LOVE to be able to "downvote" or opt out of specific ads. I get more than a few ads in Spanish that are completely useless to me because I can't even understand what they're saying?

There's also a whispering ad that makes me physically uncomfortable (I was not aware I had a thing against strangers whispering things to me before now) and makes me hate the product whenever I hear it (for the life of me, I can't remember what the product even is now).

I definitely understand the need for ads in the free-version to allow advertisers to pay for my use of the service, but the ability to opt out of SOME ads would be amazing and make Pandora so much easier to use. I have the station playing for almost the entirety of my 8 hour shifts because I enjoy the music as background noise and Pandora's great for what I need.

Local Performer

This would be amazing. I'm generally fine with the occasional annoying ad, but I just had to cut a listening session short because I got a "don't smoke" ad were a person talked about having to get their jaw removed(I REALLY hope I just misheard it). I don't smoke, have never smoked, don't plan to start smoking, have never looked up anything related to smoking, and now can't enjoy my music because I can't get the image of a person trying to talk without a jaw out of my head!

Local Performer

I don't know about the Tide ad, but I am fed up with the inappropriate ads for ED drugs and Adam & Eve sex toys at every break.  Their only suggestion is to disable explicit content, which effects the music selection and doesn't even work to stop some ads.  They have all these learning algorithms for music, but they don't care about your feedback on ads.  This needs to be fixed.

Local Performer

I do agree. Some of the ads are so annoying I mute my sound so at least I don't have to hear them. It would be great if we can thumbs down offensive ads.

Local Performer

I do not like the advertisements i am listening to please change them or stop them from happening

Local Performer

Please can we add a language option for ads. I do not speak Spanish and this has just recently been added on my account. It's very annoying. 

Local Performer

I couldn’t agree more. 

Local Performer

I totally agree there must be an option to give a thumbs down for advertisements that I find offensive. I don't mind most advertisements, I however am deeply offended by the BLM add  that has been running constantly, I do not support this propaganda, As a Christian it goes against my beliefs, as it is my Believe that Jesus came to save all lives, not just the black ones.  I would think that Pandora would be more sensitive to the market that is listening.  This ad does not belong on the Christian music station. The thumbs down is one option, the other option is to quit listening