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Ideas: Downloading music to SD Card

Ideas: Downloading music to SD Card

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how do i make pandora download all my music to the sd card?


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This is just flat out outright ridiculous! Like seriously, why would the inventors or whatever of this app not make it so you can put your music on the SD card? Most people are lucky to have maybe 20 to 50 GB of internal storage on their phones if even that much, and the minute you download an offline playlist, it starts blowing through gigs like they're dust in the wind!!!! I only have 64 gigs of which literally 34 of them is all Pandora... and I did not realize until just now that it was going on my internal storage, until like many other people on here, I started having issues and getting pop ups of low internal storage space and not being able to download updates or anything like that because Pandora is hogging it all... so I had to go through and delete basically everything just so I could have internal storage space on my phone again... and I also have a 500 gig SD card of which only 237 gigs are being used, and before I delete all my Pandora space I put every last thing I could on my SD card and barely freed up two gigs worth of space... so again it all fell back to the big bad bully of space Pandora... I pay for Pandora Premium, for the purpose of being able to download playlist... but will be canceling my subscription as of the next pay period and we'll just use my YouTube music or Spotify account as you can store your music on the SD card with those two apps... and not like my one little rant is going to do anything but they're losing a valued customer over something as stupid as not being able to store music on an SD card when literally every other app on the market you can store memory space from them on your SD card, so why in the hell would Pandora make it to where you can't!? I swear that stupidity is becoming an infectious worldwide spread disease as it has become more and more common then ever before in the past Pandora owners fix this issue! or Im certain I will not be the only customer ur going 2 lose

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Please make this happen.  My tablet's memory is full but I have an empty SD card.  I want to use this when I'm camping and don't have cell service.


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Removed the app and service over this (Pandora Plus). It had always worked just moving the app to SD card but now doesn't. All other similar apps I have have had this feature forever - Spotify, Plexamp, Deezer, Tidal.

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I don't care if you encrypt the downloads moved to my SD card with ten layers of encryption, just please give me a way to not consume my phone's limited internal storage.

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Nearly the end of 2023, and being able to change download storage location still isn't a thing.  Sad Christmas.  

Please bump this up the priority list.  

Kinda **ahem** not being able to fully utilize the subscription when I'm not online, or in cell service.  Which happens frequently where I live, work,  and play.  

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Holy **ahem**, this still isn't a thing after 4 years?? I was about to switch from Amazon Music to this, but I'll look elsewhere now. Amazon may still use data and not really use offline music when playing downloaded music, and it acts like it skips like playing scratched CDs when playing music, but at least it allows for SD card downloads.

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Yep, you can only download music to your devices INTERNAL memory. That is fine for my phone but comes up well short on my tablet.

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