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Ideas: Exclude Live performances or remixed versions of songs

Ideas: Exclude Live performances or remixed versions of songs

Status: Open Ideas

Am I the only one who thinks we should have a way to exclude live performances from our listening experience? Make this happen.


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey, @Jredmon. 👋

Thanks for upvoting this idea and for your feedback.

If you Thumb Down a live or remixed version of a song, you will not hear that version again on the station you're listening to. This will not keep the studio version of that track from playing and doesn't necessarily mean that you will no longer hear other songs by that artist. As always, you should use your Thumb ratings freely to tell Pandora what you want and don't want to hear.

Hope this helps clarify, and to see you around the community space more often! 🎧

Local Performer

I don’t necessarily hate live versions of favorite songs, but HEAR ME PANDORA: I should not have the same song title come up 4 times in 30 minutes … the original studio version, 2 live versions, and a “greatest hits” album version. 
This can be SUCH a simple fix for Pandora. Have an option that dis-allows the same song title from playing twice during a day or whatever is defined as a single listening session or even twice in an hour. OMG. Right now at this very moment as I type, on the Johnny Cash station… “Walk the Line” has come up for the FIFTH time.  Let’s also talk about Christmas music… no one wants to hear Jingle Bells 4 times in 30 minutes from different artists… How about this: an option to disallow the same song title from playing twice in one hour? It sounds like a fairly simple fix. Something must be done, clearly. I’d also like to listen without constantly messing with thumbs up and thumbs down for live vs studio - I use thumbs for songs I really hate and songs I really love. I’ll sign off by saying that in the past hour of listening to this station I’ve heard literally 5 separate song titles… ALL the rest have been repeats. 

Local Performer

I also agree and want to exclude live versions (and possibly remixes).  Live versions can have audience interaction, bad sound quality, background noises, etc.  I have not heard a single 'live' version as good as the studio recorded and pay to receive the best version of the song.  At least I now know I can 'thumbs down' on those songs and not worry about never hearing the studio version again.  I haven't in the past because I was afraid that would happen.

Local Performer

I agree! There are only a few bands that I actually want to see a 'live' version while I'm not at the concert. And the majority of the time, I definitely don't want a random crowd blaring in my ears while my headphones are in and Pandora suddenly decided to play a live version of a song.

Opening Act

what's even more annoying than a live version of a song is a re-recorded version

Local Performer

I'd like to be able to exclude live versions of songs. Pandora playlists Make it easy to get music to my ears, but it's difficult to jump on the volume button when clapping blares out of my speakers.

Local Performer

I agree with everyone else here ... hate live versions

Local Performer

I'm tired of hearing remixes of songs I expect a certain sound from. The original is what I grew up with and it might not be important to the new generations but to those who heard these brand new on the radio growing up to hear the change to what we perceived as perfect as is, just leaves a bad listening experience. So I skip or just shut off the app. And whats with all the live version songs?! If I feel like a live version I want to listen to an entire album that I am in the mood for. Not piece meal songs shuffling through the application. Live **ahem** on Pandora.

Local Performer

Absolutely!  Need the option to turn off live versions and re-mixes.  This request has been around since Pandora launched.

Local Performer

I was looking for the poll to allow us to block entire genres but this is close enough.

Yahoo music had the option back when it still existed, Pandora should definitely have the option.

ESPECIALLY for paid accounts.

I keep getting stuff I hate and down vote it constantly to no avail.

It's almost enough to quit Pandora despite years invested into it.