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Ideas: Include 'I'm tired of this song' & Modes in Shuffle

Ideas: Include 'I'm tired of this song' & Modes in Shuffle

Status: Open Ideas

Shuffle should include the "I'm tired of this song" feature. Even if it puts it on the shelf for that specific station, I'm ok with that. It should also have the discover/deep cuts/etc option. The current shuffle is extremely played out.

The shuffle mix seems to prioritize certain songs, likely based on thumbs up or being popular, which means day after day, my shuffle repeated so many songs. Since the early 2000's, I've easily the maxed amount of stations previously allowed (100) and include a HUGE selection of genres... but I would consistently, day over day hear the same base set of songs on shuffle. I know that your shuffle is based off a false-random and that a lot of my stations have overlap... but for example, why have I heard Naughty By Nature's O.P.P. five days in a row of 4-8 hours of shuffle? There are probably 4-5 (out of 100) stations they might be on, but with the extreme diversity of music I listen to, I shouldn't be hearing 20-40% of the exact same songs day after day, especially when they are the same 3-5 hits from that artist (I can't even remember another Naughty by Nature song you've ever played). Based on my stations you could easily play a different song for several days on end or more without ever repeating a single one.

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Status changed to: Open Ideas

Hi @krisolmon! Thanks for posting to Feature Request!

We’re always looking to improve, and getting feedback like this definitely helps with that.

In the meantime, don't forget to vote ❤️ on requests you'd like to see on Pandora. The more votes an idea gets the more likely that it will be looked at for our roadmap at some point.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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I would also like this feature. Thanks!

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Yes please.  You should also enable deep cuts and I’m tired on smart tv app!

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YES! somebody finally put to words here what i've been experiencing for years! this was the reason for my Repeating Songs request.

as a solution to Repeating Songs, i was directed to the Edit Stations function, which is powerful and awesome (i never knew it existed) BUT as mentioned, its not in the Shuffle feature. AND, i could be wrong but it would require going to each and every station (i have A LOT) and delete every Thumbs UP/DOWN. i think. who's going to do that?

anyway, GREAT suggestion.


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I came here to post that Shuffle needs the Deep Cuts feature!

I'd not ever thought about the pseudo-random shuffle problem...until now. Thanks for putting that in my head LOL

But now that it's mentioned...I figured lots of my stations just overlapped. But like OP, I have lots of stations across many genres and probably shouldn't be getting the Star Wars opening score every single session.

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Yes. One of the worst things about Pandora's radio is how overplayed tracks are and if you allow a hint of something more mainstream then you get bombarded with it! 

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I have a few shuffle ideas.  The I'm tired of this song was one feature I'm glad I'm not alone on.  Also the shuffle should show what station it is being played from for thumbing purposes.  I get songs that don't belong on a particular station all the time.  Also you should be able choose the order of shuffle or at random.

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1,000x this, all these comments. If I were to cancel it would be due to insufficient variety & too much repetition in Shuffle. 

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This is an extremely frustrating issue with shuffle mode. I have over 100 saved stations, each in Deep Cuts mode but when I shuffle my stations (which is my preference) I feel like I'm listening to a Classic Rock radio station. You like Billy Joel, here's Piano Man. You like The Who, here's Baba O'Riley. If Pandora people actually read these posts, please allow Deep Cuts in shuffle mode!!!

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Seems like Pandora could attempt to ameliorate its lack of novelty in
shuffling stations just by giving users an option (like with a slider)
“don’t repeat any songs more frequently than x days.”