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Ideas: Linux Client Application

Ideas: Linux Client Application

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I already suggested this in the wrong section here, but have more to add and wanted to re-open it in the correct section:

This time I wanted to add that there are 3 (that I know of) "universal package" formats for Linux that would greatly reduce the cost of development and testing: Flatpak, AppImage, and Snap.

I am an avid Linux user and would love to have a lightweight Linux client available for Pandora, and am willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement and work on the development for a relatively modest fee, or do it for free (!) if permitted to make the code "open-source" so I could show it off as part of my portfolio. I have a little experience as a freelance professional developer, mostly in Python and Bash with a pinch of SQL, and you can check out my work at

A big part of why I want this so much, aside from loving Pandora, is to use it on a Linux phone or tablet like I do on my Android device. I know Pandora is a big business with a very large user base, but the Linux user base is relatively tiny so there would be many fewer possibilities for bug reports, and if it was an open-source project done for free people would have little reason to complain. Please, if you could, at least show this to a developer with some authority before writing it off. I know many developers are Linux fans like myself 🙂

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Hi @jdtannehill! Thanks for posting your idea on Feature Request. 

This is great feedback and we rely on this type of feedback to help us develop products and features.

For more info on how feature requests are processed, please click here:  "How do requests become features?"

Thanks for being part of community!

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If you're interested in Linux and beyond, maybe check out pianobar?  It shouldn't be hard to build something very lightweight on top of what pianobar provides, and a few things already exist (like pithos).

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+1 for pianobar

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There is pithos still out there working.

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@jdtannehill please contribute to ! GTK3 client that needs developers right now. is a good F/LOSS CLI application you could contribute to as well.




Otherwise, yeah. it'd be nice if Pandora/SiriusXM picked up the reigns with their millions of dollars -- maybe cut down on marketing and sales and let awesome clients and experiences speak for itself; much better ROI. Just listen to those Freakonomics episodes discussing adverts and how companies waste huge amounts of money for basically nothing 🙂  

Anyway. Pandora should take Pianobar and Pithos and incorporate most of these feature requests on top of the solid base developed by the community. Contributing to open source makes for great public relations!

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Pithos is much nicer (more compact, more options, can play in background) than the official Windows app. It doesn't let you manage your collection, but you can do that through the website.

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I finally transitioned from Microsoft Windows to Ubuntu Linux this weekend after over 2 decades of thinking about it, and I'm so glad that I did. I'd love to see Pandora available on Linux like both Spotify and iHeartRadio. It's one of the few apps that I've wanted but haven't been able to find on Linux. Thanks!


Pithos is rad, but I got stuck on a Windows computer at work 9 years ago and wasn't allowed to download it or maybe it didn't work on Windows, I don't remember now, but I remember I loved using it over the actual Pandora app because it had so many features that Pandora doesn't have, such as seeing your upcoming tracks and the ability to skip straight to one of those tracks, and to shuffle any combination of stations (which Pandora has now added and that's awesome).  IDK if Pithos still works or not, but if you're using Linux I'd DEFINITELY give it a try.