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Ideas: Make Listening History Available

Ideas: Make Listening History Available

Status: Open Ideas

It would be great to have a history of all of the songs that have been played on my Pandora profile page- much in the way all of my YouTube history is available for me to view (and even edit).

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I'm not usually good at "thumbs upping" a song when I like it. I usually am working out, doing something, and forget to 'thumbs up' or add to my playlists. 

The song I liked pops in my head at some point in the future but I'm no longer able to find it because my listened history doesn't go far back enough 😞 

It would be great if Pandora could 'expand' the song-history feature. Perhaps going back a month instead of the past 30 or so listens... 



Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Open Ideas

Good idea.  I usually listen off-line in the car and cannot thumbs up or down while driving (or off-line).  I am also trying to get Pandora to add a "manual station refresh" to be able to listen to a completely new group of songs on a particular station (i.e. the 60s, 70s, 80s station).


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I can't find a way to see History at all. How do I see what I played yesterday? This is a very basic function. Starting to really hate Pandora. Ready to drop my Premium membership if they can't build a decent interface.



On my phone (Android) it only shows me the history of my current listening session. Expanding that would be great.

Status changed to: Open Ideas

Thanks for the idea @username777! We appreciate you taking the time. 🎧


how do we upvote this?

it seems like an easy feature to implement in a few tables and simple dated list.


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Moderator TannerPandora thinks this is a new idea?  It used to be available, though I think not for all the songs ever played for our user profile.  Maybe the last hour's worth, which is all I need to check and see what it was when I couldn't get at the device to see what is playing right now.  When I listened for free it was a feature on my Kindle Fire, which I use for listening to Pandora through my home stereo.  I could scroll back and see what the recent songs were  I can't do that now, lost that ability not long after I became a premium subscriber.  I don't understand why.  Start paying and lose "privileges?"


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Want this also

Diamond in the Rough

Ya! Good! Ya!