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Ideas: Move songs from one station to another

Ideas: Move songs from one station to another

Status: Open Ideas

I want to move songs from one station to a new station.  How best to do this? Thx

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I can't believe Pandora removed this feature! How are you supposed to easily customize your stations when you can't, you know, customize the songs you want? What a dumb change. How is this an improvement?

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How soon can we expect this feature to return? I am a computer programmer and would be able to assist Pandora with any coding concerns.

On the Rise

if i had to guess not likely. they removed it for a reason. likely due to revenue some how??? 


idk i have a few stations that are oh so similar yet different so i used to use it to pop it over on the correct station for a little more fine tuning but alas no longer

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Yeah way past time they add this feature back.For all the reasons mentioned

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It's 2022 and they still haven't addressed why they took this feature away, have they? I really miss it.

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Ugh! We need this functionality back. So many of my stations have gotten far "off-track" because of this.

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Yes, etragedy!

My Stations are getting off track too.

Maybe we should request this feature on Spotify, YouTube, Apple, and Amazon Music.

Which ever one adds the ability -move songs to user created stations- first, will steal a ton of business from the others.


Pandora USED to have a feature that allowed you to move a song you hear on one station to another station. Let's say it's a GREAT SONG that you discovered on a station - except it's not a good fit for that particular station, but it would be PERFECT for another. It was such an easy to use feature that I used a LOT. Then, they removed it. I now have to pause, remember or write down the song I like, go to "My Collections," navigate to the station that the song would be a GOOD FIT for, then add it, then go back to what I was listening to and then thumb-down the song (yeah, I love it but it would mess up the algorithm for that station). Kind of a long process when it was SO easy before.

Please bring it back. It made Pandora not only more user-friendly, but more fun, since a discovery was just an occasion for joy, not more work.

Local Performer

Totally agree with the comments about this being taken away, THIS IS NOT A NEW IDEA OR FEATURE. In fact, the first or second most annoying aspect of Pandora is that, when they play a song from one of my other stations that I have not chosen to play or mix in my current station, the only way to get rid of it is to thumbs-down / remove. I can like the song very much, but it doesn’t belong in a station I am listening to that it doesn’t fit with, so I thumbs-down and then Pandora assumes that I don’t like the song when I actually don’t like Pandora putting it where it doesn’t belong. 🙄

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Example of a good song that i like, that doesnt belong on the channel im listening to

System of AlanisSystem of Alanis