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Ideas: Move songs from one station to another

Ideas: Move songs from one station to another

Status: Open Ideas

I want to move songs from one station to a new station.  How best to do this? Thx

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Please bring back the feature that allows moving tracks from one station to another. There is a lot of bleed over from one station to another and my stations are very different, I don't want to hear my hardcore punk songs when I'm listening to comedy station and vice versa and I'm worried that if I thumbs down a song on one station it won't play on the other since apparently the reverse is true.

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How do I delete this comment? 


Hi @Kkleparek! Welcome to community.

Community members can only edit their posts, you won't be able to delete. Did you not want to share this post after all?

In the meantime, if you're hearing tracks on stations that you feel shouldn't be playing, I can take a closer look. Just let me know the station name and the tracks you feel don't fit.

Status changed to: Open Ideas
Diamond in the Rough

OMGosh, YES!  Why this great feature went away is SUCH a mystery!  Lets NOT copy Microsoft's removal of good useful features from its products, PLEASE!!!


Also, Re:"How do I delete this comment?" Very good question, bruh.  I can't figure out how to do that either.  Pretty strange that we're not allowed to delete a comment we've posted, but are allowed to edit it. I've noticed quite a few strange things about this forum. -shrugs- 🤔

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Seriously.  Being back move track from one station to the other.

Symphonic Metal and Metalcore to a casual listener don't have that much in common, but apparently their music genome is similar enough for me to very regularly get songs on one station that are fantastic and would be great in the other station.  But if I thumbs the song up on the current station, it will very quickly destroy any distinction the two channels had.

It's cool, I probably never would have discovered Metalcore if Pandora hadn't recognized that it fit my tastes. But I don't want it to completely and utterly shove out Evanescence, Nightwish, Within Temptation, and other classic symphonic Metal bands that I love.  So I'm forced to not thumbs up songs I really really like because it would break the station.  Sometimes songs that have never came up on the other channel for some reason.

Just let me move the thumbs to the correct station so I can thumbs up songs I like without completely destroying the current station.

Probably the absolute worst example I've come across of this problem is Christian Metal.  It's like a freaking STD.  Genital herpes.  You thumbs up 3 or 5 Christian Metal songs, and then suddenly Pandora decides it's a Christian-themed channel and dumps out 90% Christian songs.  Its like a horrible infectious pandemic.  Which, while appropriate considering the actual Greek mythology of Pandora, is not exactly conducive to a music website.

And the worst part of it, it is often that I didn't even realize a song was Christian if I didn't listen to the song's lyrics close enough, but despite that gene having absolutely at all to do with the sound, it's included in the music genome anyway.  But the fact that I didn't even hear that the lyrics were Christian, won't stop Pandora from completely nuking my station.  Throwing out all the Metalcore songs in favor of seemingly any and all Christian music..


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YES PLEASE. Not sure why the feature was removed but it's important for those how like to organize the types of music. Algorithms bring in too much variation and keeping like songs in relevant stations is important, otherwise it becomes a mix of everything which is the totally opposite idea of having stations in the first place. 

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 why don't you just tell us this feature isn't coming back? Folks have been asking about it for years now,  the moderators will say "Great idea" and if we Thumbs Up the thread it could be implemented ... Spoiler Alert : It's neva comin back 😞

On the Rise

sadly its true but man id still love to have it. got a few stations that are really similar but trying to keep them still "separate" without this is much more of a challenge than it needs to be IMO

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I'm not seeing a whole lot of support from Pandora on this.