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Ideas: Move songs from one station to another

Ideas: Move songs from one station to another

Status: Open Ideas

I want to move songs from one station to a new station.  How best to do this? Thx

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Local Performer

This was such a critical feature for managing stations. Pandora used to be great for music discovery and picking up new songs. But if I hear a good song that's on the wrong station, I'm supposed to thumb it down and hope it someday plays on the correct station? This feature seemed so basic I can't believe it was removed.

Considering cancelling my subscription over this.

Local Performer

Please bring back the ability to move a song to another station.

Stuff like this is why I pay for this service instead of using the free stuff that is out there. 

Diamond in the Rough

@coachart  -chuckles- My first experience here on the forum taught me that they really seem to prioritize their "guidelines" over just about anything else, often completely ignoring inquires within posts that somehow violate them. It is kinda mind blowing, but yea, seems the higher-ups have the company(s) moving in other directions. 😒

I guess what I'm saying is: 'Agreed' & 'Don't hold your breath.'

Local Performer

Sigh... Please bring this feature back, it was core to Pandora's customizability and personalization of music stations. 

Local Performer

Pandora .. Please listen to us. This is really crucial. I don't want my A-ha mixing into my Al Green station, I want to move A-ha over to The Smiths station where it belongs. This was previously a feature so we know you can do it.. You Can Do It!! We believe in you!!

Local Performer

I agree completely.

A great song that's in the wrong place shouldn't have to be down-thumbed.

Pleased bring back the ability to move a song.

Local Performer

Too bad they don't appear to be listening to their customers

Local Performer
How to get their attention?
Local Performer

How has it been five years and you've not returned a core feature that you used to have? What's the problem? What's stopping you from talking on the feature request?