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Ideas: Multiple profiles under 1 account

Ideas: Multiple profiles under 1 account

Status: Open Ideas

I share my account with my 3 kids and wife. Surprise, we have different musical tastes. It would be nice if we could choose a profile per person to store and update our musical preferences to, as opposed to me scrolling through my kids lame stations. Ok, just kidding they aren't lame, they're just not MY preference. 🙂


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I have the family plan as well. There are a few problems with it. One is that each family member essentially has to have their own account, which means they need an email address. Kind of strange to create an email address for my toddler so he can have his own list of stations. Another is that there is no administrator. I can't say control what others in the family plan listen to, or when, or anything. Another is the account is associated with a device. I have a dedicated echo device in my son's play room that is connected to his Pandora. But what about the living room? I can't change profiles on those devices to either play music for him or music for me or my wife. Because we can't switch profiles, or control other accounts, this is not really a family plan. I'd be better off with one Pandora account and just create stations for everyone, but then there's the issue of explicit content. Sigh. I love my curated stations, but there are many problems with Pandora that keep making me want to leave.