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Ideas: Notification for duplicate songs within playlists on web

Ideas: Notification for duplicate songs within playlists on web

Status: Open Ideas

I sometimes forget that I have a song already in a playlist and when I add a song already in my playlist it will duplicate it and not let me know its already in a specific  playlist I am choosing to add it.

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Has this not been added yet!? It is extremely important, especially with Christmas music!

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please add this. Silly it's not there already

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Hey Pandora... my subscription is done and I am out. You don't seem to give a **ahem** about your product or your customers. This feature is BASIC, as are so many suggestions/requests here in your community. I don't get it... but whatevs. Bye!


This is fixed for me with the android app. Thanks Pandora for the fix!

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THIS!!! It seems to work on my Android app but I do use a computer sometimes. When I add songs it adds duplicates. It's so frustrating because I have had to remake playlists because there's MANY duplicates. 

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as we're building playlists, would like to easily search for songs that I might've added but forgot. Don't want duplicate songs, because pandora doesn't tell you if it's duplicated.  

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I see that many people had have this issue and it doesn't seem like any action has been taken to resolve this. Please advise. I would simply like to locate the duplicates and delete them. As of yet, I can't even see how to locate them. Why is this still an issue? or am I just blind?

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I really wish someone would address this problem. A playlist can get extremely out of hand if you listen and add songs on a continual basis. If I could just automatically sort alphabetically all songs in a playlist that alone would help me to pair down the playlist!!

Thanks for your consideration.

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warn if adding a duplicate song

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Seems like a no brainer feature.  Pandora's playlist creation and management options are horrible,  Simple obvious features like preventing duplicates.  Sorting, Searching, or multiple select are unavailable.