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Ideas: Option to block all clean or explicit content

Ideas: Option to block all clean or explicit content

Status: Open Ideas

Pandora currently includes an option to filter out explicit content, and only play Clean or Radio Edit versions of songs.

I would like to request the opposite option, namely: Filter Clean Content.

In a way similar to the "Filter Explicit Content" option, this option would only play songs that have their un-edited, explicit content.

As an informed, consenting adult, I would prefer to listen to the "Dirty" versions of songs. As I dislike the "Clean" versions of these songs, I would prefer to not hear them. Currently the only way to do that is to thumb the song down, which just removes it and all versions of it from my shuffle or playlist.


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Thank you @AdamPandora! I appreciate the work you did and I thank you for helping me guide my voice to the right spot so that it can be added to the collection of voices for this issue.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Always happy to help, @PrivateBandaid!

Hope we continue to see you around the Community! 😎

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I think there should be a turn off the clean version option much like there’s a turn on or off explicit version. 
I don’t know about anyone else but I really enjoy my music to not have chunks cut out of it or to hear one version of a song where their swearwords in it and then 10 minutes later here the same song without swearwords. If you have explicit turn on it shouldn’t even play the clean version. I don’t know if I’m the only one who thinks that, I highly doubt I am. Because nothing makes me angrier then listen into a jam that I love and singing the words and words are missing or completely different because I’m clean versions are just totally different lyrics and that drives me nuts. So let me get a harrumph and let’s get this seconded, thirded and ratified and get a turn off the clean version button posted in Pandora law,  please!

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For example, I would love to use Pandora during indoor recess times at an elementary school, as of now I use iHeartRadio for their child friendly stations but I like Pandora's algorithm for more variety that isn't the same songs over and over.

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Late to the party here, but I have explicit allowed, always have, and for some reason my station (that's been curated since August 2010) played a song covered by *Kids Bop* today. This came up when I searched for a way to block kids stuff from my Pandora, so I guess I'm adding my signature to the petition for this feature request.

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Really don’t get why they won’t add this feature, it hurts no one and there’s a huge calling for it. I like most others listen in shuffle and thumbing down the song removes the uncensored version, which I do not want to do but I HATE the censored songs. 

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@TannerPandora please! We want an option to turn off the non explicit versions of songs! I want to hear the music how it should be heard!!

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Now that I realize my 9-yr old son is hearing explicit lyrics because of all the defaults, workarounds etc. I'm beyond upset.  I turn on the filter and he's not looking for explicit versions, yet our collection is full of them.

You have the songs marked "E" already, so don't allow them to be played when the filter is supposed to be on.  That's what a parent expects the result to be.

Because of this issue and the lack of attention to it, I'm canceling my subscription right now after being a listener for 10 yrs.   

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Is this truly being worked on? I Am trying to move my fam from Apple Music to Pandora but this is kinda ridiculous. Otherwise, I like pandora a billion times better than Apple. 

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Radio for grown ups!


I'd rather simply not hear a song if it's only available as a censored version. Put a disclaimer stating this option may entirely skip certain songs that weren't licensed as uncensored.