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Ideas: Option to create accounts for children with parental controls

Ideas: Option to create accounts for children with parental controls

Status: Open Ideas

So are we avoiding the responsibility of this or am I just missing the posts...

So we are clear I can't create a minor's account under my account without changing everything for myself.  It appears to be all or none.

So is the only way (which is hardly protected or age appropriate) that would require Pandora to do more than just blast music by artist but garner the ratings overall and classify the account according to that?

If there is a way please share.  I need it as there IS music that is not trash out there. 


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Community Manager
Status changed to: Open Ideas

Hi there, @gatorhouse15.

I moved your post over to the Feature Request board to keep the community organized. 

As mentioned in my post here, I'm sure others would be interested your suggestions regarding accounts for kids.

Thanks for sharing your feedback! 🎧

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I too would like the ability to create children's accounts under my family premium plan.  That way I could share Pandora with my 9 and 12 year old kids.  They like music too.

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I just contacted Pandora chat and they too told me the only way to "manage" my kids account and explicit content is to change the settings for ALL accounts in my family plan.  Now if xbox can allow me to set age restrictions on what my kids can and cannot access/play on their console, then why can't a media giant like Pandora create similar settings?  I was told that you cannot "manage" the settings of someone elses account.... google allows me to manage settings on my kids accounts.... see where Im going with this?  If my "family" has to get permission or invitation from me to JOIN my account, why can I not create admin's and users and then distinguish what they can or cannot access?  This is a PAY service!

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Please add parental controls to pandora accounts. 

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Basically either they add them or I'll take my music listening elsewhere 🤷‍♂️


I got duped too.  This is a 'group user account' plan, not a 'family' plan.  It's very dubious to use the word 'family' and then explicitly exclude all children under 13.  

IF you want to have a FAMILY plan, then make it to where you can you can control individual account content.  

Or, call it what it is, a bundle of 5 teen or older accounts.. or something less deceiving than 'family plan'.  


I've used Pandora for close to 10 years now, but due to a few lacking components (ability to play local/previously loaded files integrated with Pandora songs, ability to organize and sort lists, artists, albums, etc alphabetically...) I have started looking into Spotify and Apple music.  One other glaring omission that the other 2 have that I don't yet see on Pandora is an ability to create a child account under the family premium plan.  The only thing I can see doing as of now would be creating their account and turning off the explicit content option, so maybe that does the same thing?  But even with that I can't control that from my own device and account, which would be nice to be able to do.



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Community Manager

Hi, @dpeat. 👋

Nice to see you around the community space.

I moved your post over to this existing feature request thread: Ability to create accounts for children with parental controls

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It would be nice even to have a “kids mode” switch.

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I see I'm not the only one who was duped.

My husband and 7yo had a Spotify subscription. I've had Pandora since long before them. We decided to consolidate. I signed up for Pandora Premium Family thinking that my whole family would be covered. I was in for a surprise! I'd call "Pandora Premium Family" a misnomer since you can't sign up children under 13 years old. I'm not about to teach my child that it's okay to lie and break the law by signing them up anyway. My husband wants to cancel and go back to Spotify.

All the radio stations that I cultivated were unexpectedly sacrificed (set to default) when I ended my subscription through Google Play in order to sign up directly with Pandora for this particular subscription. I had to search for the playlists I created. This has been nothing but a fruitless hassle.