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Ideas: Pandora Modes on more devices

Ideas: Pandora Modes on more devices

Status: Open Ideas

In my Pandora account, I changed most of the radio artists to 'Deep Cuts' mode- if I stream directly from the Pandora app (either on phone or computer), the songs that play reflect this change. However, if I stream through the Apple TV app or the Denon/HEOS, the songs that play do NOT reflect this change (they seem to play the normal Pandora playlist for each artist). I've tried logging out on both the AppleTV and HEOS Pandora apps, and no change. Any suggestions on how to get the 'Deep Cuts' mode to play on all devices I stream through? Thank you!

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Pandora is owned by Sirius XM, so they would be the one to contact.

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Please make Premium available on all my devices - I like artist only and I'm paying to hear it but I can only enjoy it on my computer.  My computer is not hooked to my surround sound but my TV is.  I am going to cancel premium and go back to free - I'll put up with a few commercials until I can actually get what I'm paying for.


Modes available on the app EVERYWHERE. I want to be able to turn modes on when I use the app on my Xbox One. I want modes available when I use the app on my Samsung 7 series 4k TV. If it exists in one iteration of the app, it should exist in them all.

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Would love to get Discovery mode or Deep Cuts on Yamaha Musiccast!

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Please add Modes to the Roku version of Pandora.  This feature definitely makes the charge for premium worth every penny!  Because my tv is hooked up to my stereo, the sound is much better than on my laptop.  Thanks for considering this suggestion.

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Good luck with that request.   Pandora customers have been asking for this feature on Roku for years but Pandora ignores us.

Very poor customer service, considering that the feature exists but hasn't been implemented on the Roku Pandora app.   Features should be launched across all devices at the same time.

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I enjoy the station modes on my phone and desktop, but can’t figure out how to access them on the Xbox. (I have Xbox one specifically)

Anybody have answers??


Hi @UnnounableK! Thanks for posting! 

I moved your message over to a feature request for this since Modes is not available on all devices: Pandora Modes on Other Devices

 Be sure to vote. FR's that gain popularity, will be shared internally with various teams at Pandora.

Hope to see you around community more


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Please add modes to Alexa. For my use case, changing the mode for a channel on one device could set it for the channel across all devices.


I'll second this - please make 'modes' available on Amazon Alexa / Echo, and also have the possibility of a default mode when you load the station, so it doesn't constantly have to be re-set.