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Ideas: "Soft" Account Reset

Ideas: "Soft" Account Reset

Status: Open Ideas

I speculate that many of the problems I, and likely others experience would be able to be solved, or at the very least, mitigated by the option to do a "soft" account reset. A soft account reset, to me, would look like the ability to revert your account to the state it was in when first created (no stations, playlists, or anything music related really.) Though with the major exception of keeping your subscription intact.

Also, the ability to choose individual areas to reset, like playlists, stations, or songs wouldn't be a bad idea either, in my opinion. In addition, because of how much this action would change (your account), I also think it should require the user to type their password.

There is one, extraordinarily irritating issue I have that makes me request such a feature: When I want to reset a station, the logical steps I'd follow would be to delete the station, and the recreate it out of the same song(s). The Issue? Recreating the station out of the same song would add back the station, along with all the data I wanted removed! (As in thumbed up/down songs)

Pandora is my favorite music streaming service. I'm very indecisive and rely on stations to pick my music for me. I find other services just don't have "it" when it comes to stations. So right now I feel like I'm just settling for Pandora, rather than choosing it, because of the issue explained above (third paragraph).

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Community Manager
Community Manager

@lisabarnes2 I have created a case for you with our support team.

They will be contacting you privately via email to help look into this further, so please keep an eye out for their message.

Local Performer

I desire a soft reset too - the thought of manually undoing 8+ years worth of stations and thumb ups makes me just want to delete my account. Which I wouldn't mind doing, if it meant I could start over. Unfortunately I'm the subscription holder for my family's plan. I need a way to cancel and restart without screwing everyone else on my plan over.


Can someone confirm if there is still no way to reset your account.  I've had an account for some years and the play selection is a joke - meaning the same handful of songs are played over and over regardless of what station/stations I have selected.  At one point I had so many stations and seeds to those stations that I should not have heard a song repeated for a period of 24/7, 365 days a year, or longer.  I first thought well maybe if I deleted all the 'thumbs-up' tracks, that might help the repetitiveness.  So I did that manually for every station over a period of quite a few days, and guess what that did not help.  Recently I thought might as well try something more drastic so I deleted like 95% of my stations (again had to be done manually), and guess what - the same old handful of songs are still being played.  Unless somebody can provide some info on how to reset or reboot your account to totally clear it, I guess I am just going to cancel it altogether and switch over to Spotify as far as maintaining a paid subscription.  I just can't take listening to the same handful of songs over and over anymore.  

Local Performer

I would like to reset my account.  I tried playing a station and didn't even hear one song from the artist.  I am getting songs from stations on other stations that the music isn't even the same sort of music.  Please help or I am going to cancel my subscription. 

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I'd like to add my perspective to this concept. While I'm generally satisfied with the stations I have, I also miss hearing songs that I neither thumbed up or down at the time, but now never show up anymore because I thumbed up or down a different song. I get that's kind of how Pandora works, but it doesn't seem to go revert well if I go back and undo them later. I have attempted to do as has been recommended by clearing out ALL the thumbs (both up and down) on a station, but it didn't seem to change anything. Still never heard those old songs I liked, but didn't thumb-up. (sad emoji)

Because of this, I almost never thumbs up or down anything anymore! I just enjoy the station. Sure it comes with the occasional repeat, but still plenty of variety. Honestly, if I do feel like thumbing anything, it's usually always down, but that has its own consequence. On one station I have, I used to do the opposite and, since pretty much everything that played was great, I'd listen for a long while and then go back and thumb-up everything that had played so might get played again, but I can't always do this. I listen a lot on my phone and sometimes the recently played list gets cleared so I can't go back.

So, if I could add my voice for at least a station-reset button, that would be a really refreshing change. I listen to my stations on Pandora basically everyday, have for years and I will continue to be here regardless of if my plea is heard or not. I'm at least grateful for the ability to turn on the "Discovery" mode to add a little more variety. So, thank you for that, but yes, some level of a soft reset would be wonderful.

Local Performer

I could write this "clear all my thumbs" function myself. Come on Pandora, I should not have to delete my account and start with a new email to delete all my thumbs. Why? Because the key to getting Pandora to work right is to use only thumbs down while shuffling the stations. I like a large variety of music stations but I don't want to pick the music I want, just music I don't want. However, if give anything a thumbs up then that's all I ever hear when I shuffle, and that **ahem**. On the other hand, if I give a thumbs down then it doesn't play it and "shuffles" everything else (unless you are stupid enough to give a thumbs up, then that's all you will ever get thereafter - no variety.

Local Performer

There needs to be a feature where we can clear all thumbs up, down, and music history without having to delete account. I've been waiting for this feature for so long but I really do not want to have to delete my family subscription and re-invite everyone on my plan. Ive had my account for over 5 years and music i just dont like to listen to anymore still shuffles through my stations which is very annoying. Please bring this feature in the next update.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there, @aaangelmayne. 👋

 I moved your post over to this existing feature request since you have similar feedback: "Soft" Account Reset

At this time, there isn't a way to delete your listening history - which includes all thumb feedback, stations, playlists - without completely deleting your account or manually deleting each item one at a time.

I recommend upvoting this feature request with a 💙 next to the title of the request to express your interest in seeing it added to the service.

Hope to see you around the community space more often. 🎧

Local Performer

I love that I still get updates about this anytime someone else has asked for this feature.

Pandora does not care about the userbase or how happy they are. The more you skip the songs you don't enjoy, the more adds pop up, and the more money they make. I have not used Pandora since my post nearly 2 years ago. Zero revenue from me. I will not be coming back until they let me clear my history. Telling me to delete my account and remake it is a slap in the face.

If this feature ever shows up I hope someone puts an update about it on this thread or Ill never know about it. Not that it matters I guess. I found superior alternatives to Pandora long ago due to their disregard for their users.

Local Performer

Really need this. I was trying to listen to modern songs and keep getting pulled into songs from my high school.

Ideally my account could have different "personalities". When I want to listen to modern music I will have different preferences than when I want to listen to 80s music and different when I want to listen to classical.