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Buds and Brown Rice & No Clothes OK! - it's H'lane's High Lane! (or a reasonable facsimile thereof)

Local Performer

H'lane on the left, me on the right, 1985 in the air studio of KTUH FM HonoluluH'lane on the left, me on the right, 1985 in the air studio of KTUH FM Honolulu

Commemorative station for my dear and departed friend H'lane who broadcast (often from four turntables at once) from KTUH FM Honolulu, the University of Hawai‘i student radio station from 1982 to 1990(?). Her show was called H'lane's High Lane. A psychedelia/progrock/space music show in the afternoons. She caught the bus from the open field in Haleiwa where she lived to the station to do the show and to attend classes. If you know where The Coffee Gallery is in Hale‘iwa, she lived right next to the giant monkeypod tree now surrounded by boulders when it was just wild molasses grass. When the developers came to cut the tree down, she (a 5 foot tall, tiny little, flower growing old lady) instead literally convinced everyone to not only NOT cut the tree down, but to instead use their bulldozers to surround it with huge lava rock boulders so it would be protected. Photo of the tree, still thriving in 2019  below from when I went to scatter some of her ashes there. One of a kind. Did my best to capture bands she loved or might have tolerated on her show. Rest in buds and brown rice, friend!

Hlane scatter.jpeg

Hleme's Tree.jpeg

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Community Manager
Community Manager

What a nice tribute!

Thank you for sharing, @kabibble. 🎶💛

Alyssa | Community Manager
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Community Manager
Community Manager

Such a great depiction of your friend, @kabibble.

Appreciate you sharing their story with us. 🤙🏽


Sounds like a remarkable and lovely lady. I hope I have a memorable and positive impression on people when my days are done. I'll never forget your story of h'lane. I enjoy traveling and if I ever make it to Honolulu I will definitely make it a point to seek out this guarded tree. Beautiful tribute