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Deleting Playlist

Local Performer

I've emailed Pandora telling them I can't find the option to delete a Playlist.

They send information on how to delete a Channel. 

Can anyone help a broken hearted gal who doesn't want her ex's Playlist in her lists anymore?

When I'm on the Playlist itself the ... vertical three dots don't have delete in them as option



and I have tried for weeks, but just cannot locate!

The Cursed Playlist doesn't show in My Collection,  just shows when I hit the search magnifying glass (which I do often)  please help


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@K80doll To clarify, that playlist doesn't appear to be a part of your collection, so there isn't a way to delete it.

Additionally, there isn't currently a way to delete your search history in the app.

This being said, as you continue to search for new content in the app, whatever is currently showing will eventually drop to the bottom of that list, and out of view.

Hope this helps clarify. 

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