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Does a Thumbs Down prevent all versions from playing?

Local Performer

I've always wanted to know if I thumbs-down a song by one artist, will it still play that song by a different artist? For example, there are many different artists that sing the same Christmas songs. If I want to thumbs-down the country version of the song, will it never play that song, again, or will it still allow it to play by a different artist? 


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I don't know for certain, but there are a few versions of one song I don't like that used to play on some of my stations. Once I hit thumbs down on one of them it got rid of the other versions for a long time. One did eventually pop up a month or so later.

Its hard data to remember.

Kent Cypert
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@gdonze Great question!

Thumbs will only apply to the specific track that they are given to.

So if you Thumb Down one version of a track, it will only prevent that specific track from playing again on that station. 

Other versions of that song by different artists will still have the chance of playing on the station.

Hope this helps clarify! 

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