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Explicit tracks playing on genre stations

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"Genre stations such as "Today's Hits," emulate terrestrial radio, so these won't have explicit tracks by default."

That is absolutely not true. Hot Girl Bummer's chorus is F*ck You and when the song first came to Today's Hits it was definitely not censored!!!! It played the original for about a month until they swapped it out for the really annoying clean version. F*ck I'm Lonely by Lauv and Anne-Marie played on the same station uncensored. This thread has been active for 6 months and the only answer is to keep reporting each individual song over and over. Clearly that's not doing any good and nothing is getting fixed. I already have Amazon Music and Google Play Music that play my songs the way they were written, pretty sure I'm going to be leaving Pandora over this.


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@bnljaney I created a separate thread for your post since you are reporting a separate issue.

Explicit tracks should not play on genre station such as Today's Hits.

Since it sounds like explicit tracks are still playing on those stations for you, I went ahead and reported your feedback to our engineers so they can further investigate. 🔎

Thank you so much for letting us know about this! 

Adam | Community Moderator

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