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How to organize albums with Pandora Premium


I used to l aboriously  move albums into an order by genres by deleting and reselecting them back into my collection. This made the album move to the top of my list. That stopped working recently. Ideas?


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i organize mine by the time i first listened to them. so like the date when I first discovered it. case when i go back and look at it to find something to listen to .  I will see it and be like wow I remember how when or why i listened to this particular thing.And I never shuffe any of my music.


@musiclover Nice to see you around the Community. 👋🏽

You can sort your content from the My Collection page.

Select the caret on the far right side of your screen and from here, you can sort by AlbumsSongsStations, Playlists or Artists. Please note that you can't currently sort your collection by A-Z; only Artists are listed alphabetically by default at this time.

This being said, there isn't a way to further sort and re-order your collected albums by genre.

If you'd like to see this option available on Pandora, I recommend leaving a comment on this feature request, and upvoting it with a ❤️as well: More sorting options for Premium

Hope this helps!

Adam | Community Moderator

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