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Non-Christmas songs playing on my Christmas station

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I set up a Christmas station on Pandora.  For some reason, non-Christmas songs are playing regularly on my Christmas station.  Yes, I know it's February but I absolutely love Christmas songs ( calming and soothing).  And because I haven't upgraded, I can only skip so many times,  Just a few minutes ago, 3 non-Christmas songs played in a row.  This just started a few weeks ago,  I didn't have this problem before.  Any suggestions how to get the non-Christmas songs to stop playing on my station?

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Hi @lynne1961_98! Welcome to community.

Sounds like you have a support question versus a feature request. I've gone ahead and moved your post over to the My Collection Support Board and created a new post for you: Non-Christmas songs playing on my Christmas station

I took a closer look at the Pandora account associated with your community profile. Unfortunately, I only see playback from today (2/17) and no other history for the past several weeks. From today, the station that played was Classic Rock Radio, and only 4 songs played. I can confirm Christmas Radio has not played on this account recently.

Is it possible that you have another Pandora account under a different email address? If so, please let us know and we'll reach out privately to gather more info. Please do not post any private information such as your email address publicly. Thank you much!

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