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Playlist Replaces Clean Songs with Explicit Version

Local Performer

I am also having this problem. I have my non explicit turned on but when I save it on a playlist, it saves the explicit version nearly every time!

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Hey, @IAmWhitney. 👋

Thanks so much for posting about this. To keep the community space organized, I moved your post over to a new thread: Playlist Replaces Clean Tracks With Explicit 

To clarify, the explicit filter only applies to stations (not playlists). It sounds like you're creating a playlist and the wrong version of the song is being added when you select it. 

  • Could you share the name of the playlist and song(s) you've noticed this happen on?
  • When you select a song to add - are you noticing the "E" (explicit label) on that particular song? 

Let me know, and I can report this on your behalf. 🎧


Alyssa | Community Moderator

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