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Playlists repeat songs in shuffle mode


Hello All,

With nearly 1000 songs in my Thumb's Up playlist, Pandora autoplay will repeat a select group of them frequently, and rarely, if ever plays many songs.

I had figured that the entire playlist would be exhausted before any repeats occurred, no?

If anyone has a hint as to how I can fix this, I'd be deeply grateful. I do have the paid subscription.

Thank you and all the best,


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I have been paying $9.99 for a while now. Ads are nasty and no one wants that. I can not see any advancement in Pandora at all. Shuffle is still broken. It is a pain to remove a song or change its position on the playlist. Yeah just drag and drop just doesn't work. Removed several songs still there. Just over it. I just think Pandora has hit a wall and that this is it.  I need to be able to use what I have easier it is not rocket science. So yeah basically if you sit still like RIM (research in motion) you will die or Tencent will buy you. So I need to see innovation or this will be my last year 


*I notice that this issue was mentioned in 2019. I don't think there has been a fix. When I shuffle my stations, it doesn't cover all my stations and I hear many repeats of the same song. More importantly to me, I have a playlist of over 500 songs and it repeats songs without going through the whole playlist. I'm using the App on my android Samsung Galaxy s20. I need a fix to this problem or I'm afraid I'll have to look into other options.

*UPDATE >  Pandora support sent me this link via twitter. I've spent quite a lot of time creating my own station with songs and artists. Today was the first time I've listened to the station. I've had the station on all day and have had no repeats.


@sanhend Nice to see you around the Community. 

Music repetitive when shuffling stations:

Check out the accepted solution to this thread for some tips on how you can prevent Shuffle mode from getting too repetitive: Music is repetitive in shuffle mode


Songs are repeated when shuffling playlists:

Our engineering team is still currently investigating this issue.

I've added your feedback to the ticket we have open with them.

Thanks for your patience in the meantime as they work to find a fix.

Adam | Community Moderator

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*The link you sent to the "accepted solution", was not helpful. It is something I've already done. I've seen multiple posts 3 years ago up to the present about these repeating songs while shuffling. All were answered with the same answer "feedback added to the ticket and the engineering team is still currently investigating the issue." How long does it take your team to investigate? Evidently this issue is not going to be resolved. I really hate to leave Pandora because I've used it for years. I've always found it frustrating having to skip through multiple songs during shuffling of stations because of constant repeats. I recently created my first playlist with over 500 songs, and repeating songs in shuffle mode is unacceptable. I'm left with no option other than finding another music provider.

*UPDATE > Pandora sent me this link via Twitter. It seems to resolve the problem. I spent quite a lot of time creating my own station with songs and artists. Today was the first chance I had to listen to the station. I've had it on 4 hours and so far no repeats.


The answer in this forum is unacceptable and something probably everybody had already tried. I know I had. This link has tips that may resolve the problem. I spent a great bit of time creating my own station with songs and artists. Today is the first chance I've had to listen to the station. I've had it on 4 hours with no repeats. I'll update if I run into problems.

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Hard to imagine the magnitude of the inaction, inattention and dismissal of this issue...for over 2 years.

I originally posted this matter 2 years ago....and what have you done? ZERO!!

You create tickets, tell your engineers and suggest solutions but it's clear you are intentionally just kicking the can down the road while you ignore paying-customer complaints while you continue to charge them money.

They call that a: scam.

You've never offered to credit us in the way of compensation for your violation of trust, your breaking of a contract between buyer and seller...

No. Your (in)actions point to only one thing: you don't have any loyalty to your customers, are perfectly OK stealing our money and truly don't GAF about our interests.

Way to go pandora. There are plenty of ways to spread the word on how awful you treat your loyal customers, and I'm sure many are already offering warnings.

But companies that ignore their customers inevitably die. So it's not a matter of if, bit when.

You should be ashamed, but something tells me that your conscience died a long time ago.



PuffDaddy, I absolutely agree with you!! This community does not help and Pandora doesn't seem to care or take notice. I received this link via their support team on Twitter. I am creating a station with songs and artists to give it a try.  Tips to improve stations ( It's more information than I've gotten from this Pandora community. I'll have to put a lot of work into it, so I hope it works. I'm also on a 3 month free trial of Spotify and so far, I like it. It does not repeat my playlist songs. It took me a long time to create my playlist, so I haven't had time to build a collection to try shuffling yet. I will create a collection other than my playlist soon and see if it shuffles correctly between playlists. I will report back my findings.

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I personally don't shuffle stations, just my thumbs up playlist.

With all the craziness of the last few years, I guess I've just tolerated the issue. But recently a few people have commented on my original post, so I got notifications.

I have tried Spotify. If they, or Amazon could import my playlist, I'd be gone in a heartbeat. I know that technology is available, but so far, to my understanding, Amazon and Spotify have not figured out how to do it.

It's beyond ridiculous at this point. My guess us it's all about the money...

Keep the pressure on!

Happy listening!